Shaping solutions to drive safe livestock trade:
STDF session on foot-and-mouth disease control
STDF’s session on 1 November brought together experts from the Royal Veterinary College, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Paraguay to share experiences on foot-and-mouth disease control.

Foot-and-mouth disease has an impact on livestock populations and food security. It also has a major impact on trade and access to international markets. The session highlighted how solutions to drive safe livestock trade come with a cost, and investments need to be weighed up against results.
Views from the ground: Tanzania and Zimbabwe
The audience heard lessons from two STDF studies, led by the Royal Veterinary College, on plans to set up a disease-free zone in Tanzania and to develop commodity-based trade in Zimbabwe, based on the international standards of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).

The session highlighted how countries need to identify and develop export markets before setting up disease-free zones to capitalize on the investments. Paraguay’s success in using foot-and-mouth disease control to drive safer livestock trade was held up as useful example.

The event also shared wider challenges in setting up disease-free zones and compartments in Southern Africa: from porous borders to disconnected supply chains, from gaps in animal identification, traceability and livestock movement controls to wildlife management, conservation and tourism, from infrastructure demands to capacity and resource gaps among veterinary authorities.


Session highlights: a forward look for countries and donors
  • Investing in veterinary services is a global public good, and donor support is needed to help developing countries meet the challenge.
  • Foot-and-mouth prevention and control measures need solid resources, backed by a well-designed national control programme.
  • Public-private partnerships play an important role in connecting stakeholders across livestock value chains, and leveraging investments.
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