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Update #2 . June 2013

News on new interiors, yummy food-trends and exciting travel.
Also new designer visits!

Please let me know if you're interested in one of our series/images for your magazine, company or client.

This overview represents series and images which are FOR SALE (scroll to the bottom of this update for a quick showcase of my work)...

Contact or connect me for inquiries, questions or other ideas that come to your mind.

New Designer Visits

A sneak peak in the homes of three designers...
Where do they get their inspiration?
Are their own designs found in their interiors?
Our designer visits give you all the answers!

(Click on the images to Download the series PDF)
1. Jessica Nielsen
3. Caroline Ellerbeck

 2. Egbert-Jan Lam en Jorine Oosterhoff - BuroJet

B&B / Travel

Get your design fix, sniff up the Swedish fresh air, gaze at art and hike the surrounding mountains. A stay at Ladfabriken, a B&B in a renovated factory on a picturesque island in Sweden offers all of above!


I am excited to share the news that I am now part of the Creative Chef. Together with Jasper Udink ten Cate I work on food photography, food art and other creations. In a next issue of the newsletter I'd like to surprise you with some amazing images. We want to experience food like you've never experienced it before; our very literal inspiration of 'food for thought'.

Marit Beemster I shot two series about vegetarian food: The first one is a composition with Asian ingredients. We made six of these composition pieces followed by six images of prepared dishes made from those ingredients.

We also made a serie about dips. 'Dips' contains five compositions inspired by artist Jackson Pollock - you know, the one who splattered paint on his canvas and became very influental in the abstract expressionist movement. We made five delicious dips and flung it on a large canvas, in an attempt to mimic Pollock's drip painting technique.

Picket from Asia



Presenting a new photo series on two very creative sisters! Anne and Meis de Jongh. Their homes are filled with fantastic DIY ideas. 

1. Anne and Meis de Jongh - Jonghlabel  
2. Anne   

3. Meis

In other news

The brand new restaurant Den Burg at Hoofddorp (a stone's throw away from Amsterdam) recently opened! The renovations of the old farm house are impressive. Anne from La Farme (you may remember her from this series on her "farm" before) made a perfect match with the logo.
I photographed the whole interior and soon I finish the series with food- and exterior images... Stay tuned!

Lots of the inspiration for the interior come from NiceMakers (read also Nicemakers' designer Joyce Urbanus Blog). 

Printlove by vorstin

Many of you already know that I started creating authentic handmade posters inspired by Letterpress classes. In this issue of iPad magazine Llama's Valley you read about the process, my ideas with it, and about what's coming next. I started a webshop: PRINTLOVE by vorstinBut in the future this will be a separate website. For now, that is still in progress.

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Drop me a line. Say hello. Share ideas. 

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