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Line-up Dutch Features Family @Marché

Dear *|MMERGE11|*,

Dutch Features, the premier Dutch Licensing company returns to Cannes with an Award-winning slate of Unique Family films.
Please contact Loulou Wentholt ( to schedule a meeting. 

Executives attending Marché du Film from 11 – 19 May 2016:
Pim van Collem                  President Worldwide Sales                           
Francoise Nieto-Fong         Sales North- and Latin-America              Cell: +17862087350
Wendy Bernfeld                  Digital Advisor (MD Rights Stuff)             Cell: +31651994036  
Fulko Kuindersma               Acquisitions & Marketing                         Cell: +31650823836
Loulou Wentholt                  Sales & Marketing                                   Cell: +31642406922

We look forward to seeing you at our Marché office: CE Media Marina Riveria H6. 

Best regards,
Pim van Collem
President and CEO 
★★★★ - The combination of Rhubarb’s highly original script, topnotch directing, and a great cast results in a wonderful, sweet and funny film! - CINEMAGAZINE

Rhubarb (The 10 Golden Tips)


Winnie (12) and Sim (12) meet when their parents fall in love. They quickly form a ‘patchwork family’. Sim is pretty used to this already as his father, Rik has been through two marriages already. Sim and Winnie get on really well together and are looking forward to the upcoming wedding between their parents. But when irritations and bickering start to take over between Rik and Tosca, Sim and Winnie’s faith in a new happy family takes its first knock. They decide to help their parents out by making an ‘instruction video’ for them with useful relationship tips’. Sim and Winnie become even closer. How difficult can it be to just be happy with one another? 

      ★★★★                          ★★★★★
Veronica Magazine             The Telegraph
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After two highly successful installments, Nickelodeon is in pre-production for the Third installment of the acclaimed family film franchise; 'Dummie the Mummy’ film series. 

Dummie the Mummy and the Tomb of Achnetoet 

FAMILY / Adventure / FEATURE film / in pre-production
The ‘Dummie the Mummy’ films are now sold in more than 60 Territories worldwide!

Dummie is homesick for his ancient family and country. He desperately wants to go back to his hometown in Egypt to search for the Tomb of his father. Klaas doesn’t agree on that and there’s another problem. Flying to Egypt is scary and it cost too much money, and besides, there is another problem…Dummie has no passport……
The successful team behind the ‘Mister Twister’ film-franchises, is back with an exciting new franchise filled with fun, action and lots of cool gadgets in the 1st Master Spy Movie!

MASTER SPY (Top Secret!) The Movie

FAMILY / Adventure / FEATURE film / in preproduction
Tim (10) moves to a new town and a new school with his family. His parents dream becomes reality; they start a hotel, close to the sea. Tim accidentally discovers a basement under the hotel…He finds out that there’s living a spy in the basement for over 30 years!! The spy called Simon, tells him that 30 years ago, he was a very famous spy. Together, Tim and Simon go on an exciting adventure, back in time. 
About Dutch Features Global Entertainment
Dutch Features Global Entertainment, headed by CEO Pim van Collem, is a specialized worldwide sales and licensing company based in the Netherlands, focused on marketing and selling top quality family films, thrillers and acclaimed television drama series. Their unrivalled roster includes a unique selection of box office hit films realised by some of Europe’s most innovative producers, and boasts a top quality and award-winning family film catalogue, with proven brand names such as the DUMMIE THE MUMMY and MR. TWISTER series. In addition, Dutch Features owns an exclusive catalogue of recent and acclaimed top TV series, such as THE NEIGHBORS, FORCE and THE GODLESS. Since its founding in 2012, Dutch Features has established successful working relationships with leading international companies such as ZDF Enterprises, Pupkin Films, Sony Entertainment Television, Studio Hamburg, Constantin Television, Red Bull Media House, Global Screen, Endemol Entertainment, PV Pictures, Netflix, Betafilm, Kochmedia GmbH, Content Media Corp, MHZ Channel USA and Topkapi Film.
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