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At this year's AFM, we are excited to present you our exceptional slate of new feature films; such as the world premiere of the latest installment of our  movie franchise: ‘DUMMIE THE MUMMY AND THE SPHINX OF SHAKABA’.
Dutch Features represents a unique brand of Feature-films licensed across al platforms worldwide and produced by some of Europe’s most innovative production companies.

AFM office: 
Loews Hotel: # 331
1700 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401
AFM telephone: 310.458.6700 x.t 331
Please contact Loulou Wentholt ( to schedule a meeting.
Executives attending AFM - 4-11 November 2015:
Pim van Collem - President Worldwide sales                     Cell: +31647125430
Loulou Wentholt - Sales Executive                                    Cell: +31642406922
Tristan Meyer - Sales Assistant            
We look forward to meeting with you at AFM!
Best regards,
Pim van Collem
President and CEO

The sequel to the box-office hit film ‘Dummie the Mummy’, takes you on a magnificent adventure to the bottom of the sea!

Family adventure – 85’ feature film

When Dummie, the little living mummy, realizes he will never grow up to become a real Pharaoh, he decides to become as famous as his father; the great Pharaoh, 4000 years ago. His best friend Gus and his dad are keen to help. Together they will think of something to make Dummie famous. When they hear of an ancient statuette that can make Dummie a human being again, Gus can finally stop worrying. If they can find this Sphinx of Shakabah before Dummie becomes famous, no one will ever find out he’s a living mummy. Will Gus be able to find the Sphinx, which has been lost at sea for over 50 years and help his best friend?

World-premiere screenings ‘Dummie the Mummy and the Sphinx of Shakaba':
BROADWAY CINPEPLEX 4 – 04/11/2015 – 3.00 PM
DOUBLETREE 1 – 06/11/2015 – 3.00 PM
Dummie the Mummy and the Sphinx of Shakabah
Trailer Dummie the Mummy and the Sphinx of Shakaba


“A bold and visual celebration.”- NRC 

Comedy  - 107' feature film

Roadduster is a hilarious comedy, filled with beer, wet dreams and fried food. Pulp writer Frans and his favorite character J. Kessels take on a special assignment to find a cheating salesman in Hamburg. They go on a mad ride with the Chevy Kamikaze and travel from the provincial town of Tilburg to the Hamburg Reeperbahn and back. On their journey, the two Dutch cowboys encounter the hard life on the streets in Hamburg’s red light district, Sankt Pauli.

Opening Film Netherlands Film Festival 2015 
Market screening ‘ROADDUSTER’:
TUNNEL POST 1 – 08/11/2015 – 5.00 PM
Roadduster - Trailer
Trailer Roadduster

I AM Hardwell
Living the Dream

Feature documentary  - 75'

This music extravaganza follows DJ Hardwell - world’s no. 1 DJ, as he kicks off his world tour during Amsterdam Dance Event. I AM Hardwell paints an intimate portrait of the DJ over the course of two years, while he is living his dream in more than 18 countries. 

An extraordinary visual journey unfolds, both on and off stage, when DJ Hardwell visits 34 metropoles and is greeted all over the world by thousands of delighted fans. The ultimate highlight is the sold out concert at Madison Square Garden in New York. Experience the music phenomenon HARDWELL from up-close and more personal and spectacular than ever before. 

World-premiere Market screenings ‘I AM HARDWELL – LIVING THE DREAM’:
DOUBLETREE 1 – 06/11/2015 – 9.00 AM
BROADWAY CINEPLEX 3 – 08/11/2015 – 1.00 PM
Hardwell - Living the Dream - Teaser
Trailer I AM Hardwell
Murdered Memory

Some memories are best left alone

Psychological thriller - 103' feature film
After a burn-out, Sabine returns to work. It becomes clear that she ́s no longer in her place there. However, there ́s one consolation:
the encounter with the handsome Olaf, a man she remembers from her teenage years. Sooner than she ́s willing to admit to herself, she starts to have feelings for him. The meeting with Olaf brings memories from her youth. The announcement of a high school reunion turns her life upside down. It stirs up an important event from her childhood: the disappearance of her best friend Isabelle. She starts digging in the past and comes ever closer to the true, harrowing story of Isabel’s disappearance..



Market screening ‘MURDERD MEMORY’:
DOUBLETREE 1 – 06/11/2015 – 5.00 PM
Murdered Memory - Trailer
Trailer Murdered Memory


A tight sensual thriller about a young woman whose French dreams turn into her worst nightmare…

Psychological thriller  - 100' feature film

Simone needs a change. Together with her husband Eric and their two children, she buys a run-down mansion in the south of France, to turn it into a home and Bed & Breakfast. While the chaos of the renovation grows, Simone flees into a thrilling affair with one of the French construction workers, the gorgeous twenty-year-old Michel. Slowly she loses control of her life and the French dream turns into her worst nightmare. 

Official selection Woodstock Film Festival 2015
Official selection Santa Barbara film Festival 2016

Market screening ‘RENDEZ-VOUS’:
AMC SANTA MONICA 5 – 05/11/2015 – 1.00 PM
TRAILER Rendez-Vous
Trailer Rendez-Vous

How do you commit the perfect crime within 24 hours?

Thriller – 113’ feature film

A gritty action drama thriller depicting the final hours of Odedtsur before he must end his life. Oded owes money to a loan-shark who demands his life as payment. Failing to take his own life, would place Oded’s family in danger. Daphne, Oded’s wife must content with RomiDor, a sharp police detective who believes her to be a manipulative ruthless adulteress, who used her husband’s situation to murder him. This action-packed thriller leads us on a wild goose chase around an “unholy” dark Jerusalem, during a 24-hour period, where all hell breaks loose.
Winner ‘Best International Film’ The Tel-Aviv International Fantastic Film Festival 2015
Official selection Jerusalem Film Festival 2015
Official selection UK Jewish Film Festival 2015
Official selection Miami Jewish Film Festival 2015

Trailer Suicide

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Dutch Features Global Entertainment is a specialized worldwide sales and film licensing company, based in Holland, focused on marketing and selling top quality family films, thrillers and acclaimed television drama series.
The unrivaled catalogue includes a unique selection of continuing new box office winning films produced by some of Europe’s most innovative producers, and boasting a top quality and award-winning family film catalogue, with proven brand names such as Dummie the Mummy and Mr. Twister series. In addition, Dutch Features owns an exclusive catalogue of recent and acclaimed prime TV series, such as The Neighbors, Force and the Godless. Since its formation in 2012, Dutch Features has established successful working relationships with leading worldwide companies such as, ZDF Enterprises, Pupkin Films, Sony Entertainment Television, Constantin Television, 2CFilm, Global Screen, Endemol Entertainment, PV Pictures, Netflix, Betafilm, Kochmedia GmbH., Content Media Corp, MHZ Channel USA and Topkapi Films.
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