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Project Update
Community Outreach

​Covid-19 got us thinking out of the box. From face-to-face outreach we shifted to a safe and popular face-to-SCREEN-to-face approach: With all our volunteer group activities on hold and community events not possible, we have used the internet to stay connected with our network and grow it at the same time.


Our five gardening workshops on Zoom with Permaculture Consultant, Elaine Codling, got us in touch with an amazing group of new and experienced gardening enthusiasts. Even folks from the mainland joined the learning sessions. All recordings are accessible 24/7 through the Greenways Land Trust YouTube channel.


Our interpretive walks were also brought online. We launched 'Greenways' Spotlight on Nature | Wild Insights'. Two films have been published so far and we are thrilled that we got the chance to meet up with these two inspiring local experts who shared invaluable insights about the Beaver Lodge Forest Lands and the Willow Point Reef. Meet Carl and Ricky here.


Throughout the summer months our summer staff, Katie & Jamie, will share their conservation project adventures on our Facebook page.


We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia to support our Community Outreach program.

Be Part of the Change | Get Involved

If you are interested in volunteering with Greenways, please e-mail us at or give us a call 250-287-3785. We are all working from our homes until further notice. Volunteers are needed for:

  • School Gardens [School District 72] - summer 2020
  • Greenways Conservation Team
  • Streamkeeping [Nunns, Woods, Simms, Willow, Haig-Brown Kingfisher & Detweiler Creek]
  • Mountain View Community Food Forest

The Plum, Apple and Cherry on Top

Greenways' fruit tree gleaning efforts are in full swing: The Fruit Tree Project is off to a great start with two trees picked so far. We have already picked 124lbs of fruit. With the generous donation of time and trees, we think this project will again be a success this year.

Due to limited funding, we will be unable to accept new fruit trees into the program this year, but we are continuing to accept registration of fruit trees via our website in the hope that we will be able to expand the program in future years.

Learn more about our Food Security projects:

Wee Birds - Huge Success

Great news: Purple Martin nest box program helped this species at risk to increase population numbers sustainably. Conservation Project Assistants Katie and Jamie have been assisting Ed and Camille with the purple martin nesting box monitoring in July. The babies were assessed for age, counted, and placed safely back in their nest!

Purple martins had a dangerously steep population decline in the 1940s. This was likely largely due to a combination of being displaced by the introduced European Starling, and the removal of old pilings they used as nesting spots.

Big thank you to local Purple Martin expert Ed for showing us the ropes!

Learn more about British Columbia's Purple Martin recovery program here.

Visit our website and check out the NEWS section. You will find Greenways' recent media coverage listed.
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