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Sowing the Seeds of Success

Virtual lunch 'n learn | Thursday, August 5 @ noon


'SEED SAVING FOR BEGINNERS': Whether you garden for fun or food; whether you care about stretching your grocery budget or food security or just want great tasting veggies, seed saving seems like the natural next step. But where do you start? 
Elaine Codling, Permaculture Consultant from the Comox Valley, will be introducing us to sustainable ways of keeping seeds of our favourite harvests! Annuals, biennials, or perennials; perfect or imperfect flowers; self pollinating or cross pollinating; every crop has it’s own secret ways of producing seed. Some are simple, some are complex.

This virtual 1-hour lunch & learn class will discuss the:

* basic approach to growing for seed,
* differences between growing food and growing seed,
* best practices for growing, gathering, drying and storing seed; and,
* talk about which crops to start with as well as some of the more challenging possibilities.

We are looking forward to spending our lunch hour on Zoom with you, Elaine and your individual questions at the end of the session. You are welcome to contact us ahead of time at and send in your questions or use the chat during the workshop.

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_ GENERAL ADMISSION for members-to-be is $12 per person. 
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Join: Fruit Tree Project
Seeking Volunteer for Admin Support

Charity is seeking 'cherry' to top up the team: Our Fruit Tree Project needs an admin support volunteer who can help us make the 2021 season a success! Do you love the idea of fruit sharing for the common good and are you comfortable with common software and email usage?

For the summer months we're estimating about 3-4 hours/week. We do also have other project tasks in mind that we could use help with following this summer focused program. Email Katie at for more details or visit our website.

Read more about the project in a recent edition of the Campbell River Mirror here.

What a FUN'draiser!


We are very, very lucky - thank you Beach Fire Brewing and Nosh House and Greenways Director, Bruce, for sprucing up our summer with this amazing fundraiser 🍻🌲

Hopefully you all got a chance to try Darrin‘s creation; it was so delicious! He turned the 25kg of spruce tips that Bruce had picked on Baikie Island in the Campbell River Estuary into a glorious Spruce Ale. A portion of each pint sale was donated back to Greenways reaching a total of $600. THANK YOU!!!

Interpretive Walk in Willow Creek Conservation Area

Save the Date: Sep 18

We can not wait to take you on a nature walk n' talk: Finally, after 1.5 years of Zoom events only, we're inviting you to join us on Saturday, September 18, from 10-11am, to explore the beautiful Willow Creek Conservation Area. We will be sharing insights into our restoration efforts in the popular urban greenspace. Mark your calendars.

We will announce the details and how to register in our September eNewsletter and on Facebook.

Join Volunteer CR YouthCan in August

A fantastic opportunity for youth aged between 15 and 29: Greenways is thrilled to be one of the community partners of the MONTH THAT MATTERS. Participants will "go on fun trips, volunteer around the community, and learn more about different local organizations. The program aims to empower young adults through volunteerism. 

Some of the places participants will visit include Greenways Land Trust, Discovery Passage Aquarium, Habitat for Humanity, Volunteer Campbell River, the Transition Society, and the Campbell River Art Gallery. Month that Matters is designed to give youth the chance to learn, listen and contribute as a volunteer. Participation in all the events is free, and people can sign up for as many or as few events as they like. Each participant will also earn a certificate of the volunteer hours completed during Month that Matters." [CR Mirror article, Jul 16]

Be Part of the Change
Get Involved

If you are interested in volunteering with Greenways, please e-mail us at or give us a call 250-287-3785. We are all working from our homes until further notice. Volunteers are needed for:

  • Mountain View Community Garden [Committee]
  • Greenways Conservation Team
  • Fruit Tree Project
  • Streamkeeping [Nunns, Woods, Simms, Willow, Haig-Brown Kingfisher & Detweiler Creek]
  • Mountain View Community Food Forest
  • Campbell River Hospital Food Forest

Project Update

Baikie Island & Campbell River Estuary

Some like it HOT.... in the Campell River Estuary: The recent heatwave and drought conditions have changed the pace of work for Greenways crews, and our partners. We have been very busy trying to beat the scorching temperatures to keep our native trees and shrubs quenched while making sure to keep up with the spread of invasive plants. Some of which really seem to be enjoying the heat! Luckily, our crews managed to get ahead with yellow flag iris in the spring and early summer, so we have been able to respond to the heat where the work is most needed. Most days of late have begun with a very early morning watering of as many plants as we can, followed by an afternoon digging out invasive purple loosestrife from its roots. 

WATERING is a combination of using hoses from nearby businesses that have been generous enough to let us access their faucets or using a gas-powered pump and fire hoses to fill buckets and hand water plants in the less accessible areas. We have been very appreciative of several dedicated volunteers that signed up to assist us by taking on watering of some of the smaller plantings or joining us for our early morning watering sessions. One key volunteer has left us to fight fires in the interior for the rest of the summer so please let us know if you would like to try some watering yourself!

PURPLE LOOSESTRIFE is one plant that seems to be really enjoying the heat wave! Because purple loosestrife has invaded the tidal marshes in the estuary, it is watered daily and not effected by drought conditions. We have been lucky to be joined by crews from the Wei Wai Kum Coastal Guardians, the Nature Conservancy of Canada, and Sellentin's Habitat Restoration to have a very large combined crew of up to 12 people responding to the purple lossestrife in the estuary, allowing us to make a huge dent in the most dense areas found in Myrt Thompson, Ocean Blue (the shoreline to the west of Baikie Island), and Fred's Slough (between the Campbell River and Raven Trail). We will continue to work on this for the remainder of the summer ensuring that no flowers are allowed to go to seed this season.

The Wei Wai Kum Coastal Guardians have also been very busy this summer installing goose exclusion fences throughout the Campbell River Estuary. These fences have been found to be very effective in protecting the sensitive marsh habitats in the estuary from browsing from non-native populations of Canadian Geese (the native population migrates North in the summer months to breed). 

We are grateful for the generous financial support of our funder, the Fish and Wildlife Compensation Fund, for on-going funding of our efforts in invasive plant removals, as well as watering and native species planting.

Greenways in the Media

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