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Greenways was incredibly saddened to hear the news of the 215 children whose remains were found at the former residential school in Kamloops, BC. While we want to say many things, we feel that now is a time for listening and reflecting. To sit with it. To understand, as we have been called upon to do.

Here are just a few places to listen:

“Our people need healing.  And the way I can heal myself is to make sure that every single person understands what happened to our children and families.

We have to make sure it never happens again and to understand we are a strong, spiritual people who have a connection with the Creator and our lands.” ~Alberta Billy, We Wai Kai elder

'Our people need healing': We Wai Kai elder on children's residential school grave site | Canada's National Observer: News & Analysis

“It’s a big part of how Canada even came to be.  Land dispossession and dispossessing people and their relationships with their land, with their relatives, which is the land.” ~Kristin Spray, in audio linked to here: Stop asking how you can help — and listen, says B.C. residential school survivor | CBC News

“I just want people to sit, hear this story about residential schools.  Don’t try to respond, don’t try to say ‘what can I do’, we want people to hear this story.” ~Eddy Charlie, in audio linked to here: Stop asking how you can help — and listen, says B.C. residential school survivor | CBC News

Places to find further support:
Virtual mental health supports during COVID-19 - Province of British Columbia (

Seeds & Savings

Thank-You Healthyway!

We are blown away and so so very thankful for the ongoing support we've been receiving from our friends at Healthyway Natural Foods. This family business has been organizing fundraisers for Greenways around Earth Day for many years and their generosity leaves us speechless. This year Donna and her team have gone above and beyond with their monetary donation of $1,550 and a big box filled with West Coast Seeds for the two food forests our organization is involved with - THANK YOU❣

Greenways stands for 'community': Staff, board, volunteers ... we're all giving our ALL to give back to our community. Receiving gifts and engagement in return is giving our charity the wings to do more, do best & keep growing!

📸 In-Store Picture | Donna Pakosz, Healthyway's General Manager, and Chuck DeSorcy, Greenways' Vice President and founding member.

Join: Fruit Tree Project
Fruitful for all Partners

Are you a pro-fruit-picker, keen on showing off your volunteering skills? Or do you have unpicked fruit trees that you'd like our gleaning volunteers to support you with? Email Katie at for more details or visit our website.

Gardening 101
8 Sessions on YouTube

Please click on the image above to WATCH the workshop recordings and access resources:

_ Start a New Garden
_ Love Your Soil
_ Edible Landscaping
_ Urban Permaculture
_ Planning a Winter Harvest
_ Putting a Garden to Bed
_ Winter Pruning [Apple & Pear]
_ Companion Planting

OTHER TOPICS? If you have ideas and would like us to explore more gardening topics, please email us at Thank you!

Be Part of the Change
Get Involved

If you are interested in volunteering with Greenways, please e-mail us at or give us a call 250-287-3785. We are all working from our homes until further notice. Volunteers are needed for:

  • Greenways Conservation Team
  • Fruit Tree Project
  • Streamkeeping [Nunns, Woods, Simms, Willow, Haig-Brown Kingfisher & Detweiler Creek]
  • Mountain View Community Food Forest
  • Campbell River Hospital Food Forest

Urban Watershed Protection & Restoration Project

*Project Update*

Thumbs up for our amazing Urban Watershed Restoration crew! Have you seen some of their great work in our riparian natural spaces?

Exceeding all Expectations
Only 3 months in and they have already removed over 800 kg of garbage and over 3500 kg of invasive plants from riparian areas of Kingfisher Creek, Willow Creek and Nunns Creek. The crew has also been very busy planting over 3500 native trees, shrubs and sedges in riparian areas of Simms Creek, Kingfisher Creek, Nunns Creek and the Campbell River Estuary. Some other projects have included repairing and maintaining trails in Willow Creek Conservation Area and on the Raven Trail in Baikie Island Nature Reserve, as well as constructing and installing two additional purple martin poles in the Campbell River Estuary (with 6 of the new 12 nest boxes already occupied by breeding pairs).

The Crew
The Urban Watershed Protection & Restoration Crew is a team of 5 new Greenways Land Trust team members that are taking on projects throughout Campbell River's watersheds this year - from Stories Creek in the South to Menzies Creek in the North. In the picture you see Callie (front), Melody (left) and Jacob (right) at the Purple Martin site in the estuary, the other two crew members are Cory and Jessica - all of whom you've met in our recent eNewsletters.

Coming Up
In the coming months, the crew will be taking on an education program for creek neighbours, completing several instream fish habitat improvement projects, collecting important habitat data, and making more trail improvements, including staircases and footbridges.

Project Sponsors
This project was supported through the Healthy Watersheds Initiative, which is delivered by the Real Estate Foundation of BC and Watersheds BC, with financial support from the Province of British Columbia as part of its $10-billion COVID-19 response.

Greenways is so excited about the many positive impacts this project has already had on our natural spaces for wildlife and people to enjoy!

Fun Action for World Oceans Day [June 8]

Help Clean Up!

Cinderella, we found your sandal at the beach: Some are silly, some are sad, all of them are making us mad - the findings on our beaches of things that don't belong there. Here's a great idea, brought to our community by the Discovery Passage Aquarium which will open its doors at 10am on World Oceans Day, Tuesday, June 8, and their partners from the Art+Earth Festival:
1️⃣ Contact Greenways at and equip yourself & bubble peeps with garbage pickers from our Stewardship Resource Centre.

2️⃣ Roam our local beaches tackling as much garbage as possible.

3️⃣ Take pictures of your group or yourself during your beach clean-up and upload them.

4️⃣ Enjoy your free admission booking for up to five people and explore the 2021 exhibits at the aquarium 🥳

Find out more about the aquarium's opening day and the event here.
Greenways in the Media

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