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Hot Drinks and Cold Weather Present: Zero Waste Coffee Cups!
As Zerowaste October progresses and the weather continues to cool, cafés become the perfect place to duck into to hide from the cold. Chilled fingers wrap around hot drinks for warmth, and coffees and teas quickly become our toasty saviours! 
Hot drinks… cool weather… we know, they seem to go hand in hand. Unfortunately, often paired with this dynamic duo is the not-so-awesome, disposable cup. Each sale of a tasty hot drink is generally accompanied by a plastic-lined, landfill-destined, disposable cup. This is not only harmful to our planet as the cups end up as waste, but the chemicals in these cups can also be harmful to us! We recognize the struggle of desiring a hot drink but not wanting to produce waste so we sought out a reusable solution that stands apart from other options on the market. With perfect timing we are launching a new line of bottles with fully stainless steel interiors (even the bottom of the lid) meaning minimal to no exposure to plastic and no plastic waste!  These bottles are an invitation to join in on the coffee-consuming, planet-saving party!
Our launch of the new Klean Kanteen insulated bottles is a solution to the hot drink-cool weather-disposable cup dilemma. Keep reading to learn more about how to embrace Zerowaste October while staying warm! 

Klean Kanteen Insulated TKWide

Why a reusable bottle?! Reusable bottles have a number of perks to them: they are portable and won't leak, they can be sealed and stored away, they keep your drinks at their intended temperatures, and, our favorite: they are generally plastic and waste free!
Klean Kanteen: 20oz, 16oz, 12oz
Klean Kanteen’s TKWide: These reusable bottles are an awesome alternative to disposable, plastic coffee cups. They are made of 18/8 food grade stainless steel, have no plastic coating, and are BPA-free. They are versatile, portable solution for a plastic-free fall!
The TKWide bottles are sold in three handy sizes, a 12oz, 16oz, and 20oz, to fit all your needs. Because of their innovative stainless steel interior and vacuum insulated lid, the bottles will keep your drinks hot for 11-17 hours, and cold for 38-58 hours (size dependant)! To add to the excitement, the TKWide bottles allow for interchangeable caps – this allows you to convert your bottle from a bottle with a looped, easily-portable lid to other TK wide caps like the a café cap! Enjoy the versatility and durability that comes with a reusable bottle, and serve the environment and your own health while you are at it. 
Shop 12 oz / 355 ml
Shop 16 oz / 473 ml
Shop 20 oz / 591 ml
A Glass Alternative
Double-Wall Insulated Glass Travel Mug
Looking for an alternative to stainless steel? We've got it for you! Life Without Plastic's very own Travel Mug! So elegant in appearance, and yet, so durable in function. Enjoy the appearance of our mug, drink from a glass lid, and reduce your footprint all at once. The double-walls provide insulation that keeps your drinks warm, and your hands comfortable. The mug is made entirely of glass, with a small silicone seal to prevent your drinks from spilling at the lid! The lid is also very versatile, with a hole small enough to act as a café cup, but big enough to fit a straw. 
Shop the Travel Mug

Monthly Sale

Organic Cotton Leafy Greens Bag
Organic Cotton Greens Bag with Klean Kanteens

Organic Cotton Leafy Greens Bag

Our Greens Bag has been a long-standing staple for plastic-free grocery shopping. Made of GOTS-certified Organic Cotton, this reusable bag is a safe and zero waste way to transport your leafy greens from the store to your fridge without using those yucky disposable product bags. We also LOVE when one product serves multiple purposes, so we thought we would launch this lovely bag as the monthly sale during October so it can double as a Halloween trick-or-treat bag!

WAS US $7.00 /  CA $9.10
NOW US $5.95 / CA $7.74
Shop the Greens Bag

LWP is Gaining Traction Worldwide

in French!

The Life Without Plastic book has been a dream come true! We wanted to share our years of research and experience in an easy to use handbook that explains the dangers of plastic and the alternatives available. Since our launch, we have received such a positive response including internationally with requests for translations! Our book is already available in English, Slovak, Japanese, and Italian, and the updated French version launches on November 8th at the Montreal Zero Waste Festival!

Co-founders Chantal and Jay were recently in Italy promoting the Italian version by Ediziones Sonda. Italians are seeking plastic-free solutions in a big way! Check out our Facebook or Instagram for pictures of the well-attended events in Milan and Ferrara (at the Internazionale Festival).
Shop the Book

Last Call

Glee Gum LWPop!
October’s LWPop nearly out!
Halloween festivities make for a lot of fun! Unfortunately, they also make for a lot of waste. Our October LWPop, Glee Gum, is a great way to take part in the Halloween fun, eat some tasty treats, and be plastic-free! This GMO-free, aspartame-free, MSG-free, plastic-free gum is all you could want as a trick-or-treater. As a candy-giver, feel good about the fact that you are handing out synthetic-free treats in recyclable packaging. The gum is selling out fast – grab some before it’s gone!
Shop LWPop! Glee Gum
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