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Morning everyone, and welcome back to the brew! 

July starts tomorrow, meaning, if the year 2020 were a standard movie script (pictured below), we'd be just over halfway through Act 2 and the climax is coming in September (ish). This is clearly not to be relied upon, but just a fun form of acknowledgement to the heavy cheek imprints on the edges of our seats that 2020 has bestowed upon us.
This year as a movie would be a blockbuster hit. 

Last week, we noted that anyone who referred their network to Property Brew would get DOUBLE points. So many of you referred and claimed rewards that we decided to do it again this week! Until Tuesday of next week, everyone will get double referral points, and so will whoever you referred! Click the image below to get your personal share link: 
Now, to the brief: 
  • Last week's NARPM Southern States Virtual Conference highlighted PMs top challenges, we'll recap.   
  • "Remote" & "Contactless" are the trending words in the "new normal" world.  We have tools for remote inspections and contactless maintenance repairs. 
  • Your Remote Work "Hack Of The Week":  A workplace personality test to better understand ourselves and team members in the workplace. 
And, you'll be redirected to your breakout rooms now.
Virtual conferences are in full swing, including NARPM's Virtual Southern States conference just last week. With nearly 200 attendees, we were sent into breakout rooms to discuss the state of our vast Property Management affairs. 

It was a big positive to hear that many property managers weren't having huge issues with rent collection or filling vacancies, the vast majority of issues revolved around handling things remotely in an effective way to ensure continued company growth. The biggest takeaways in our breakout groups were: 

Biggest Problems: 
  • Handling remote inspections.  
  • Managing team communication & motivation remotely. 
  • Taking care of maintenance issues while abiding by social distancing best practices. 
Most helpful solutions: 
  • Implementing remote inspection tools. 
  • Incentivizing team members to think and work like leadership does. 
  • Upping proactive maintenance troubleshooting tactics. 
It was brought up that some PMs have team members showing decreased productivity and motivation after going remote, and that they may not be as motivated as leadership largely because they don't get paid like leadership. So, a few property managers noted that they provide incentives to employees who give extra effort. One PM, for example, offers gift cards for employees who aid in getting positive online reviews, or help boost other KPIs. 

For those of you who are NARPM members, it was noted with large confidence that the NARPM National conference will still be held in person in Amelia Island, FL October 19 - 23, 2020.  

If you're not a NARPM member, we highly suggest becoming one, the value of networking and education is priceless. 
A lot of air and digital high fives are going around. We hope we can exchange one with you by sharing some of these tools... 

For remote inspections, we looked around, and wanted to highlight RentCheck here.  

RentCheck is designed for contactless inspections. It fully supports social distancing best practices by having residents conduct property inspections with simple, self-guided inspections that anyone can do from their smartphone. This helps property managers get ongoing visibility into unit conditions all from the comfort of home, and can help streamline the entire process by: 
  • Handling all of the reminders to ensure move-in, move-out, annual, periodic, and turn inspections get done on time. 
  • Creating visually appealing and standardized reports on your units. 
  • Providing easy access to inspection reports to your owners to amplify trust. 
We dug them and their product so much that we're having them as guests for our next live podcast session so we could dive into the details of handling remote inspections. You can register for the upcoming session on Thursday, July 9 below: 
Register for the Session
For remote maintenance solutions, we have some shameless self promotion here...
Latchel's video troubleshooting feature. 
We launched this feature just for COVID-19, but we see its use being highly effective far beyond the pandemic, so much so that we're working on creating this as its own product that can be used outside of using our standard maintenance coordination services.

How it works: Residents get sent a text message with a link that opens a video chat so we can more effectively troubleshoot and solve maintenance issues to proactively avoid unnecessarily dispatching a service provider. The biggest value adds here:  
  • An average of 30% of maintenance requests are able to be resolved completely, or de-escalated. 
  • Can save an average of $180/unit per year in routine maintenance. 
  • Can save tens of thousands in damages by quickly mitigating emergencies. 
If you want to learn more about implementing this, you can set up a time to talk with our team here

If you want to check out our comprehensive troubleshooting guide that details maintenance requests most commonly resolved via troubleshooting, you can download the guide here

Some of you were able to join this live, but for those of you who weren't you can watch the replay of our session on closing communication gaps with Rent Manager below: 

Self awareness is key to mastering your work. And, when you're working with others, interpersonal awareness can be key to effective teamwork.

There are plenty of personality tests out there, but there's one that focuses in on an individual's personality type specifically in the workplace. Understanding both your own and your team members motivations, strengths, and weaknesses in a work environment can be a huge help to upping efficiency in the workplace. 

The Hartman Personality Profile segments people into 4 different color categories. Many organizations use this test to help teams understand themselves and their team members better. A downloadable worksheet is available here that you can use to identify your personality type. It's also great to share with your teams for a fun exercise in self and interpersonal awareness. 

We're curious if PMs and business owners have similar personality types, let us know yours by commenting your color on our Facebook post. 

We know that the best way to learn new tactics can be from each other, so we put together a quick survey to gather more insight into how property managers have best dealt with the implications of COVID-19. If you have a quick 5 - 10 minutes, take our survey. 

We won't use the data for any other purposes than to share the results with you all. Everyone who completes the survey will be entered into a raffle to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card. 
Take the Survey
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