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Welcome back to the brew! 

Last week we attended the most virtual of virtual conferences yet, PM Grow.  We took away some great nuggets of industry knowledge to share with you all (when we were in between doing virtual backflips and dancing the Samba at our booth) :). 

I hate it when I have my virtual eyes closed in photos. 

Here's the summary... 

Who Won The Golden Pitch? Every year at PMGrow, the "Pitch Off" competition challenges businesses to give the best 60 second elevator pitch of their company that they can muster. Attendees vote on the best ptich based on creativity and effectiveness, and by the end of the conference, a winner emerges. We'll show the winning pitch and highlight its golden moments. 

Growth In The New Normal: We ran a session on how to increase profitability and resident retention in the new normal, and had a lot of great feedback. So, we'll be running the same presentation live on Crowdcast next week! You can register below.  

Marketing in The New Normal:  The first industry conference of 2021 was most definitely a look into the future, and it was organized by FourAndHalf - a marketing agency for property managers, who've proved they have their eyes set forward. They've recently shared a guide for PMs on creating the most effective marketing plan for 2021. More on that below... 


And the best pitch goes to.... 

Our YC sister company, Tenant Turner! 

Larry Hancock with Tenant Turner walked away with the win for best pitch (which you can watch above). So what components of his 60-second pitch led to the win?

Framing Creativity: Larry took the recognized format of prescription drug ads we see regularly on tv to identify a problem and a solution. Framing your company pitch with a sense of creative metaphor is a great way to set yourself apart from companies who go straight to what they do and how they do it, instead of why they do it. 

A Simplified Solution: da Vinci famously said "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" because simplicity is not an easy task. As a business owner, you know the depth and complexity of your offering, but knowing how to simplify it in an impactful way to a prospect is paradoxically complex. Larry kept his pitch simple, but effective. 

Personality: How often do you feel more inclined to work with someone because of the personality of the person you'd be working with? Probably more often than you realize. Larry wasn't afraid to show his individual personality in his pitch which opened up the feeling of personal connection rather than transactional bore. 

Big congrats to Tenant Turner! 

Hopefully this inspires your own pitches to prospective owners :) 

We spent a good grip of time last quarter looking at the specific changes in trends in the industry that have come with the new normal. In our presentation, we highlight the most notable approaches to adjusting to the new normal to not only maintain growth, but push it further.

We'll focus specifically on: 
  • Why the resident has become the priority,
  • Increasing resident retention & 5-Star resident reviews,
  • Improved operational efficiencies, and 
  • New opportunities for diversified streams of income. 

The goal here is to give you the knowledge and tools you need to achieve higher than average growth in the new normal.

You can register for the session below. If you can't make the session live, you'll be emailed the replay by registering. 

Register for the Session
If you stay tapped into the industry conferences, you probably already know or recognize FourAndHalf. But, if you haven't, it's good to note that they've done a great job in proving their marketing know how in their own marketing strategies. 

They also share their wealth of knowledge quite freely, which is always a perk. They recently published a light and digestible step-by-step guide to help Property Managers effectively plan their marketing strategy for 2021. 

You can check out that guide here or watch the video above. 

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