Exciting news for June and July 2015!
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Grill'd Fremantle Support Dreamtime Cleanup Day!
JUNE 1st - 30th
 @ Grill´d Fremantle
Everytime you have a Grill'd burger at Fremantle Grill'd during the month of June you can help support Eartheart to support our Community, Noongar Culture and the Environment by putting your token into the Eartheart jar.
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Documentary Night
Friday, JUNE 5th, 18.30-20.30
Truth seekers! We will be holding regular monthly documentary nights, and this one will be our first: Michael Tellinger - leader of the Ubuntu Movement documentary showcases.
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"Energetic Selfcare and the Multidimensional You" Workshop
Saturday & Sunday, JUNE 27-28, 9.30-17.30

Did you know that you are 95% invisible?

Only about 5% of who we are is our Physical Body
The rest of who we are is made up of our subtle bodies.
Our subtle bodies are perceivable, we can even touch them. We just see and touch them in a different way.

Together we'll experience and try out easy tools and techniques to change the energy in You and Your Environment, which are simple to integrate into your everyday life.

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Plant-Based Revolution
- joyful conscious living 

Friday, JULY 24th, 19.00 - 21.00
An evening presentation about the conscious choices we can make every day in regards to our diet, to live a healthier, happier and more heart-centered life, and actively change the world - TOGETHER
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Transformational Shamanic Meditation
Every Thursday 6.30pm @ Eartheart Chateau
A deep transformation occurs within the ones being, as we clear the path and open our hearts more than ever before.
Connecting to the divine, we go beyond the mind into a realm of bliss and peacefulness where we are open to the consciousness of our souls.      
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Eartheart Chateau: 17 Canning Beach Road, Applecross
Doco Night
 Ancient Civilisations, Exposing the Banking and Corporate Fraud and Ubuntu Philosophy.

Calling all Truth seekers!  We will be running regular Documentary Nights to build a platform to learn amazing new concepts and have many an 'ah-hah' moment!  With the upcoming tour of Michael Tellinger - leader of the Ubuntu Movement - we felt it would be a great opportunity to present his ideas, philosophies and amazing mind-blowing, circuit-bending and paradigm-shifting discoveries.

Come and relax with us and like minded people and cosy up on a cool winter night at Eartheart for our very first Documentary Night on Friday the 6th June at 6:30pm.  Feel free to bring along snacks.  For more information please see the Facebook events page or email
The Sacred Geometries of Love: 
 a powerful seminar experience!

In April, Eartheart hosted Michael Rice (world's leading Sacred Architect and Geometer) and Karaimi (Priestess and Soul Healer) from the Czech Republic as part of their World Tour. Together they held a seminar that blew the doors off the participants, revealing hearts ready to freely give and receive love. I have found the process of opening my heart an ongoing journey, that has many layers. Each step I have taken has helped me access more love and given my heart more permission to take the lead in my life. Somehow, this seminar was like hitching a ride in a really fast car of a life-long marathon to unconditional love! Please find the whole article here.
The Geometry of Love 5-day Seminar in Bali, October 2015 
The seminar is normally a 5-day course, and for those who missed out, Michael and Karaimi will be running the full 5-day seminar early in October in Bali this year!  Stay tuned for more details from Eartheart and keep up to date on all Eartheart events by checking the Eartheart events page on Facebook.

Michael Rice is an internationally renowned Sacred Architect, Master Geometer and Teacher, during his visit, he also gave a presentation on Sacred Architecture, which brings the Heart of the Earth into the Heath of the Home. It can be defined as the Art and Science of designing and constructing buildings which create, support and enhance life and living systems. Missed the presentation? - Get the download here!
Financial Sovereignty - Information Evening/Q&A
Friday, June 19th, 19.00 - 21.00
You may have more choices and financial freedom than you realise!

Aida De’Ceglie from the Sentient Activist Foundation will provide information and a means by which you can become legally financially sovereign and independent from the current "System" as we know it.
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NLP Information Evening 
Upcoming Practitioner Course Overview

Ernest Frost Coaching
Thursday, JUNE 25th,
19.00 - 21.00
Neuro-Linguistic Programming is one of the most powerful mind programming sciences to re-pattern your neurology and create permanent and lasting change.
As one client said: There was a ‘Me’  before the course and a ‘Me’ after the course and sometimes I can’t imagine they were related! It blew my mind in a whole life voyage.”
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of the month


Peace Angels is a book that we recommend to everyone who loves and maybe even believes in Angels... It's a nice, wonderful way to share how the Angels love us all...The pictures are amazing and tell a story of our common life experience of the human adventure. The words Antoinette Sampson uses are uplifting, empowering and very inspirational.
A delightful picture book.

Sneak peak of our super
More pics on the website!

Thanks a lot to all the volunteers who helped us to make this day truly magical!



What is falafel? Falafel (fah-la-fell) is a traditional Middle Eastern recipe made with ground fava beans and chickpeas into a flour with a mix of fresh herbs, garlic, olive oil, spices formed into a patty or ball and often paired with a sauce containing tahini and wrapped in a pita/flat bread.
Would you like to try it out?
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“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” 
― Rumi


This month at Replants, Uncle Noel Nannup's Fireside Noongar Sharingstarting 17th June 2015 over four consecutive Wednesday evenings.  Follow in the footsteps of a child born into traditional Noongar culture.  Get a sense of the oldest living culture on the planet.  How can we all join together to become the "Carers of Everything"? Share time with respected Noongar Elder Dr. Noel Nannup fireside in our beautiful Balga (Grass Tree) garden. Replant's next four night series begins Wednesday June 17 (17,24, July 1,8) at, 96 Wray Avenue Fremantle.
John Whife
Danuih Herbs & Healing
1233 Berry Road Gidgegannup WA 6083 
Ph: 957 471 90


Drummings with John Whife for

June Sat 6th 
July Sat 4th
August Sat 1st
September Sat 26th
October Sat 24th
November Sat 28th
December Sat 26th

The full moon drumming dates are on the Saturday closest to the actual full moon.

Arrival 6.00pm for a 6.30pm start. 


Dipaunka Macrides

Halka B.
South Terrace Piazza, Shop 8
Fremantle WA 6160
0418 957 010


Sa and Claudio Silvano
35 Vistula Terrace, Kelmscott
0403 699 479 - 0422 746 269

Did you know Eartheart is run solely by volunteers? We are always happy to have more hands on board and greatly appreciate any help or assistance, even if it is a couple of hours a week.

Whatever you feel you may wish to offer in service to Eartheart will be warmly welcomed.

If you feel it in your heart that you would like to be involved in service to the Earth and humanity through participating with Eartheart in any way your generosity of time, skills and love are greatly appreciated.
Please contact us at


In Loving Service

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