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Eggs carry significance in many spiritual traditions. They represent everything from the arrival of Spring to the Resurrection of Jesus.

Perhaps it's the delicate wonder of new life contained within the egg's thin, grainy shell or its shape evoking the elliptical cycle of the circle of life.

Whatever the case, cultures around the world revere this beautiful icon of renewal. Originally, before the polarity shift between the feminine and masculine traditions of Paganism and Christianity, during the time of the Goddess / Paganism, eggs represented the Earth's rebirth. Remembering that all of this
occurred in the Northern Hemisphere… with Spring's arrival, Winter comes to a close, and the Earth bursts forth with life - as most eggs do.

Eggs have been associated with ancient Pagan festivals marking the Spring Equinox and it's thought that eggs were originally painted with bright colours to represent the flowers that the sunlight of Spring raises from the bare Earth. Then they became associated with Easter.

As is the nature of creation the new takes the old and recreates it in a way that is the same and yet different and like our offspring – they are different to us and although the experiences they have in life will be different to ours the process is the same… we are incarnate, we are born, we live, we experience and then leave our body / die, we excarnate.

Feminine or Masculine tradition the journey to liberation may look different externally; The clothes worn, the culture, the gender, the country, the age – regardless of the psychopomp the internal process remains the same.

It is alchemy and this is the mystical science of the internal transformation of energy within a human being from lead into gold – a multidimensional transformation of vibration, the thought, belief, emotion, karma, to become the embodiment of virtue or as the Buddha would say, “right thought, verse
and action” or “the way, the truth and the light”, the very becoming of divine love in action.

It is not measured in a linear way, for it is a mystery, experienced by the self in relationship to the Divine, a journey undertaken alone, in unity. Ah the eternal paradox!

An internal experience, witnessing the self, as a series of experiences in relation to external stimuli and making continuous improvements and alignments to the self, with faith, in relation to the Divine Lore.

It is measurable by witnessing the transformation that occurs within the man or woman, as evidenced by the way they behave, the qualities they emanate and shine in the world and thereby inspire others to do the same, formerly or informally.

It has been blessing in my life to have been graced with the opportunity to journey with and know a number of such shining ones and the changes inspired in me have been both amazing and also fiery in nature, wonderful and not always easy!

To me Easter is a perfect example of the fiery nature of transformation that occurs to a human being –
one lifetime or another, we’ll all get there, we’re all already on the journey. I understand Easter to be an account of a human being, Jesus Christ, who undertook the alchemical journey to develop such Awesome Integrity.
Aum Jesus.

One of the key aspects of the Easter procession is the crucifixion of Jesus on Good Friday – this and the coming resurrection is described in Celtic tradition by the mystical creature – the Phoenix.

My interpretation of the word crucifixion is not the meaning you will find in the dictionary;

It is an alchemical process, magic, which requires great courage and is only successful when undertaken with accurate perception, expression and action. It is potentially a dangerous journey and it takes many lifetimes to attain.



ˈkruːsɪb(ə)l/ noun
noun: crucible; plural noun: crucibles
1. A ceramic or metal container in which metals or other substances may be melted or subjected to very high temperatures.

fɪks/ verb
fasten (something) securely in a particular place or position.

ˈʌɪən/ noun
noun: ion; plural noun: ions
1. an atom or molecule with a net electric charge due to the loss or gain of one or more electrons.

Just what is this substance within ones self that can withstand this fiery process?

Integrity. All that is not that, will be burned away in the process. All that is not immutable truth. Virtues are the golden threads that weave together creation and that run through and
link every spiritual and metaphysical tradition throughout the ages and in truth virtues are all that is left when the impermanence of life passes. All that will be left is the purity of integrity & harmlessness, through which love can emanate.
The learning and embodiment of virtues are all you can take with you into the next life and beyond.
The procession of Easter is marked by 8 days prior to the week of Easter. It is known as the Octave of Easter. It terms of how humans resonate musically, we are a conglomerate of thoughts beliefs and emotions. As everything is vibrating energy, this concept can be applied to these too.  It is the way we express ourselves that is a beautiful harmony… or not.

The lead is the vibration that is heavy. Easily we can relate to having a heavy mind, thought or feeling heavy. This is the stuff that separates us from our true nature – joy, joy, joy!

Changing is not easy for many people – it can feel like life is out of control, gettingcomfortable with change is a significant part of the process too. The things that are most stressful for a human being are death, moving house and divorce… all are changes, big ones that threaten our security in the world.
This is most of the problem we face. We, as a species are looking outwardly for the world and other people to meet out needs, that we have forgotten to cast our gaze inwardly towards Divinity. It is here that we will find all the security, love and every other substance that will sustain us in the world and eternally.
Know thyself.

Which leads us to reverence for the divine in everyone and everything

-Maundy Thursday -
Foot-washing Rite, (feet where heaven touches the Earth – hence sole/soul) where Jesus humbly paid homage to his unity with every person. Namaste – I see and honour the divinity within you.

-Good Friday-
Crucible Day Sacrifice Day (change!). The last death of the ego of Jesus, where he died on the cross (sacred geometric alchemical sign of the balance point at the centre of all things) to save humanity from their sins (ego and bestial nature/consciousness). Jesus Sacrificed the important worldly life for the more important heavenly nature / consciousness.

-Black Saturday-
Jesus descended into Hell, Limbo specifically… Where he mastered the 7 deadly sins –  (ego and bestial nature/consciousness) within himself as one with humanity, as was the nature ofhis giving heart. Thank you.

-Easter Sunday-
Resurrection Day, the descent of the dove, the flow of Holy Spirit, where Christ arose, as does the Phoenix, born from the ashes of the crucible, after withstanding the pressure to become the Diamond Vehicle, truly knowing thyself, loving and accepting the self, for every part of the self. Transformation complete and seated at the right hand (as in; right thought, verse and action) of God eternally – Amen and Awen (Pagan – note the only difference is theW/M - Woman/Man in reflection to the Goddess/God worship of the Age).

Easter Blessings and Peace be with you all year, Namaste.



Sitting at the desk at Eartheart the day before the eclipse, I noticed a great fluttering of bird feathers outside the window, high up on a beam in the greenery.
I then saw a showering of feathers falling.  It was really a cascading of beautiful white feathers. I was in awe as I watched on, not even knowing what I was seeing
It then became apparent that it was a hawk, which had flown in and was carrying with it a dove, by the neck, and was shaking it in preparation for eating it.
It looked me right in the eye, and said 'Have you got the message?'. It then flew around the aviary and flew away back off into the sky.
I knew I had been delivered a message but I could not figure it out.
That night in my dreams I dreamt of a shower of  the most beautiful luminescent white feathers pouring down as if from Heaven.
I knew, when having woken up, this was the significance of that moment, and I realised that to bring pieces of heaven to Earth, one must be  a hunter, a predator and an active participant in the connection of the Divine and the Earth. 
The path to freedom, peace, happiness, Bliss and Beyond is not fluffy. It is tough, gruelling and sometimes very raw. But it must be walked, and sought. Otherwise what are you? Asleep? Dead? 
When will you dig deep, deeper than you ever have before, spread your wings, and let your Spirit soar…?
To go, find and bring Heaven to Earth

Namaste Pia



Keep in touch with our amazing events for
APRIL and MAY 2015

Dreamtime Clean Up @ Pipe Head Dam HELENA VALLEY
Saturday April 11th 8:30am - 12:30pm
This event is the 6th in our ongoing partnership with Clean Up Australia Day Council. We hope you will attend and show your support for this collaboration in reverence for the ancient ancestors, custodians of the land and in reverence for our current culture and generations to come.

Crystal Dreaming Sessions Available
April 27th 9:00am - 5:30pm

Are you looking to meet and develop a stronger connection with your team of Spirit Guides?
Needing more clarity around your life purpose?
How about downloading light codes to hone and develop your natural gifts and latent skills?
Connect and merge with your Higher Self to experience the vastness of your Divinity and your connection with all that is.                             

These and much more are possible with a Crystal Dreaming session..
$50.00 sessions are available on the day, from the latest wave of graduated Crystal Dreaming practitioners. (RRP for a normal session from an experienced practitioner is $180.00 min)
Please contact to make a booking or inquiry.

Documentary Night@ Eartheart Powerhouse
Friday May 1st 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Truth seekers! We will be holding regular monthly documentary nights, and this one will be our first. With the upcoming tour of Michael Tellinger - leader of the Ubuntu movement - we felt it would be a great opportunity to present his ideas, philosophies and amazing mind-blowing, circuit-bending and paradigm-shifting discoveries, in a series of documentary showcases.
Come and relax with us and like minded people, on the coming cozy winter nights.
A platform to learn amazing new concepts and have many an 'ah-hah' moment!
Screened in 'the zone' at Eartheart Powerhouse - Fremantle.

Wesak Merkabah Journey

Sunday May 3rd 6:30pm-8:30pm
Join us for an awe inspiring evening of expansion and blessings of unconditional love from the Masters of the Cosmos with the opportunity to participate in a World Service journey and bring these high vibrational energies to humanity and our beloved planet.

Your Personal Merkabah will be activated, then together we will build a Group Merkabah, within which we will travel / bi-locate, assisted by Crystal Deva's and the Spirit of The Earth, to the Wesak Valley and Beyond. Journeying beyond our minds to meet with The Masters of the Cosmos and experience personal expansion, blessings from Buddha, grace and bliss for your highest divine good!

Crystal Awareness
& Crystal Dreaming Course

(Powerful personal development and Practitioner Training)
Friday May 8th 9:00am - Sunday May 10th 5:00pm
We are now developing our own Crystal Dreaming school here based in Perth, with the training, supervision and leadership provided by Freya-Savitri and Karen - direct Senior students of Master Shaman Raym and Crystal Priestess Chicchan.
for more information please refer to the following facebook event link :

Energetic Self Care of the Multi Dimensional

Saturday May 23rd & Sunday May 24th   


Transformational Shamanic Meditation
Every Thursday 6.30pm @ Eartheart House
A deep transformation occurs within the ones being, as we clear the path and open our hearts more than ever before.
Connecting to the divine, we go beyond the mind into a realm of bliss and peacefulness where we are open to the consciousness of our souls.      

Each week we are blessed with fireworks over the river view and often we are visited by beautiful dolphin beings. 

Watch this video to see a beautiful encounter with a small family of dolphins who came up to interact and play, just two metres from the shore where we were standing. Melting our hearts.


New Moon Ambience
Bi-Monthly, every second new moon on the sunday closest to the new moon.

Monthly Fridays 7:00pm - 11:00pm

Chill and connect with community with the vibe of the new moon rising in our EartHeart space.
Gently unfurl your being, unpack your aura and relax in this a peaceful, groovy and uplifting zone.
Nurture the dream of who you are.


Need to RSVP or want to know more: Go to our Facebook Events page!

Did you know that Eartheart has a meet-up group? Go here for our full calendar of events.


Inspiration Point:

'To those who know how to approach her, Nature will lift her veil revealing a stunning system of elegant aesthetic delights.'
-Michael Rice




The perfect beautifully heartwarming, healthy comfort food to start the day on those cold winters' mornings.

1 cup raw buckwheat flour
1/2 cup brown rice flour
2 tablespoons arrowroot powder

2 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon fine grain sea salt
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1.5 cups + 3 tablespoons almond milk
2 tablespoons maple syrup (or agave nectar)
2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
1 heaping cup diced ripe bananas (about 2 small/medium)
Coconut Whipped Cream, for garnish
Chopped Fresh Strawberries, for garnish

  1. Preheat a large non-stick skillet over medium heat. A drop of water should sizzle on the skillet when it’s ready.
  2. In a large bowl, whisk in the dry ingredients (buckwheat flour, rice flour, arrowroot, baking powder, salt, and cinnamon).
  3. In a medium bowl, whisk together the almond milk, syrup, and vanilla extract. Pour this onto the dry ingredients and whisk the batter until no clumps remain.
  4. Dice the banana until it's the size of peas or a bit larger. Fold the diced banana into the batter.
  5. Lightly grease skillet. Scoop a heaping 1/4 cup of batter onto the preheated skillet and quickly spread the batter out into a circle. Cook until some bubbles appear and the edge looks deeper in colour and more firm. Flip and cook for another couple minutes until golden.
  6. Stack and serve with Coconut Whipped Cream and fresh chopped strawberries, if desired. Or simply serve with pure maple syrup!


Did you know Eartheart is run solely by volunteers? We are always happy to have more hands on board and greatly appreciate any help or assistance, even if it is a couple of hours a week.

Whatever you feel you may wish to offer in service to Eartheart will be warmly welcomed.

If you feel it in your heart that you would like to be involved in service to the Earth and humanity through participating with Eartheart in any way your generosity of time, skills and love are greatly appreciated.
Please contact us at


In Loving Service



stay tuned for more news and fantastic events next month...

You helped make it a very special and successful day, and we hope to see you at the next one at Pipehead Dam, HELENA VALLEY this Saturday, the 11th April.

Dream time storytelling with Ingrid Cumming and sacred ceremony with Julian Silburn and Freya Sampson.

Dingo is the spirit animal of Woodman Point, and is also Ingrid's animal totem. We were very fortunate that Ingrid was able to share the dreamtime of Woodman Point with us, accompanied by a dingo.

Connecting to the land, a special ritual where we walked in unison to the water's edge and picked up a handful of sand, rubbing it between our hands and armpits to collect our DNA. We then threw the sand into the water containing our name, introducing ourselves to the land and spirit, and letting them know that we are here.

Recyclable cigarette butts! Yes you can recycle them! Just put them in a recycling package provided by Australia Post, and send them off, or take them back to the post office.

Dreamtime Clean Up Day

Saturday April 11th

We are now the custodians of the land.

This event is the 6th in our ongoing partnership with Clean Up Australia Day Council. We hope you will attend and show your support for this collaboration in reverence for the ancient ancestors, custodians of the land and in reverence for our current culture and generations to come.

Caring for our planet is something sacred to us at Eartheart and what better way than to learn about the beautiful Indigenous Nyungar Culture of the land we inhabit and share whilst cleaning up our parks, waterways and reserves!

Each site we clean up has it's own unique Dreaming and we are honoured to come together in Ceremony and for our "Clean Up" of Pipehead Dam at Helena Valley. Dr. Noel Nanuup and other respected Nyungar elders will be attending as special guests and sharing the knowledge of the culture and stories of the Dreamtime.

We are also very blessed to have Julian Silburn, sound alchemist and sound healer joining us with his didgeridoo magic. Julian has long been called by the song of Australia and has spent over 20 years learning from Aboriginal Elders around the country.

To get to the Clean-Up site;

It will take 35 minutes from Perth. Take the Great Eastern Highway Route 1 to Midland and turn left onto Stirling Crescent. Go right onto Bushmead Road which turns into Helena Valley Road. Go through roundabouts and past the Helena Valley Primary School and then turn right to stay on Helena Valley Road. Drive down a gravel road to the Marquee (or park your car at the end of the sealed road to walk ten minutes) Look for the Eartheart signs, Marquee and team leaders wearing high-vis vests.


Meet at 8.30am in the park to register. At 8:45 we come together for a quick group connection and briefing before breaking up into groups to clean up the reserve. At 10:00am we meet back at the Marquee for morning tea and refreshments before making our way to a sacred Nyungar site to listen to Dreamtime Storytelling. Afterwards, we commence the last clean-up session before finishing at 12:30pm.

All refuse will be sorted, as we collect it, into general rubbish, recycling & sharps. This will be left near the main bins which we have arranged for the Mundaring Shire to collect shortly after the day.

Please feel free to bring refreshments and morning tea to have a break in between cleaning up.

Please bring:

Water bottles and Morning Tea

Hat and Sunscreen

Covered Shoes


We recommend packing a picnic lunch, this a beautiful place to enjoy the park afterwards.

We will provide:

Rubbish Bags

Sharps Containers

First Aid Kit

To help us cover our ongoing costs and to re-invest in equipment for future clean-up days and programs, we will be accepting heartfelt donations on the day.

We thank you for your generosity and spirit!
With BioArchitect
Michael Rice
and Karaimi

'Dreamfields' in creation - Michael's home

'As nature uses shape to hold charge or life force, it makes complete sense to use nature's shapes and proportions for the shape of our spaces and buildings. In terms of architecture and design of space, I believe that by creating spaces that are based on the pure principles of natural design we provide a sacred environment that can nurture our bodies, minds and spirits.We can literally design to raise the vibration of the inhabitants. We can use our quantum consciousness to create the space, and to clear it of any stresses that do not serve life. ' - Michael Rice

'If the truth could be expressed in words, then once uttered, where might we take it? What would we do with it only continue to filter and interpret, package and mutate its meaning to suit our current level of consciousness. As long as we come from a perception of separateness we will continue to manifest a world, which represents the least of who we are and who we can become.' - Michael Rice

Definition: Bioarchitecture is the art and science of designing and building spaces which create, support and enhance life and living systems. 




See the 'Events at Eartheart Powerhouse' section of this newsletter to find out when Michael and Karaimi's deeply beautiful and sacred presentations are.

Events at Eartheart Powerhouse

New Code Partnership Weekend Seminar
with Michael Rice & Karaimi
Friday 17th April
6:00pm - Sunday 19th April 6:00pm
Eartheart invites you to join Michael and Karaimi on an experiential journey and exploration of the true purpose of relationship - with ourselves, another person, parents, children, work and the living Planet. This will reveal many secrets about the true nature of life on Earth.
Inside all of us, lies a deep desire to open fully, love freely, and to be able to give our greatest gifts to another, and the world.
Visit the FAQ page for this workshop:

Sacred Architecture Evening Talk
with Michael Rice

Monday 20th April
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Internationally renowned Sacred Geometer, Michael Rice
brings the sacred into architecture.
During this talk, Michael will introduce and demonstrate the pure principles of how Nature uses specific patterns, forms and proportions (Sacred Geometry) to generate all that we see in the natural world, and all we can manifest in the built one.

Soul Name Ritual
with Karaimi
Wednesday 22nd April
10:00am - 2:00pm
Internationally renowned Spirtual Teacher from the Czech Republic, Karaimi a soul healer and priestess of initiation into the mysteries of the Earth and the female brings her special magic to our shores.

Karaimi has a remarkable ability to connect with a person, heal them deeply and access and retrieve their Soul Name.

Friends Of Eartheart

96 Wray Ave Fremantle WA 6163


replants is an organisation with a passion to preserve and respect the life of our local bushland.
We are however pragmatic, and acknowledge that current demand for building sites leads to the removal of large areas of bushland, typically by broad acre land clearing methods. We believe this method is unacceptable in an age of sustainability and recycling.

As such replants advocates and engages in the implementation of best practice land clearing.

John Whife
Danuih Herbs & Healing
1233 Berry Road Gidgegannup WA 6083


Drummings with John Whife for 2015

May Sat 2nd
June Sat 6th 
July Sat 4th
August Sat 1st
September Sat 26th 
October Sat 24th
November Sat 28th
December Sat 26th

The full moon drumming dates are on the Saturday closest to the actual full moon.

Arrival 6.00pm for a 6.30pm start. 

John Whife, 
1233 Berry Rd Gidgegannup WA 6083
Ph: 95747190 


Halka B.
South Terrace Piazza, Shop 8
Fremantle WA 6160
0418 957 010


Dipaunka Macrides


Sa and Claudio Silvano
35 Vistula Terrace, Kelmscott
0403 699 479 - 0422 746 269

The Art Of Being Present
with Sa and Claudio

April 18  10:00 am – 5:00 pm

cost : $150.00

Life is truly magical when we are fully present to it.

When our minds become ensnared by either the past or the future, we stop being present. 
It is simple:  we are either lost in thought or we are right here, experiencing the richness of Life.
This day offers you an opportunity to experience the perfection of the present. 
We will explore the many simple ways that will bring you home to you and to the joy that you are.

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