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Calling All Rye Whiskey Fans

Cooper River Rye arrives next month and we're excited!

If you've taken the tour at the distillery you've probably heard me say that Cooper River Distillers is an American whiskey distillery that just happened to start out making rum. Well some of the whiskey that we've been socking away in barrels is finally coming out for you to enjoy! Our first batch of Cooper River Rye Whiskey will be bottled later this month and available starting in April (while it lasts). 

So Let's Celebrate!
Making whiskey takes a lot of work, but at the end of the day it's all in good let's have some fun celebrating the release of Cooper River Rye Whiskey! We'll have a big Rye Whiskey party here at the distillery on Saturday, April 16th with live music from The River Bones & Anderson's Six Mile Cross, food from Black Eyed Susan's, and of course our delicious cocktails!

That's not the only time we're celebrating either! See the event listings below for info on in-store tastings and meet-the-distiller happy hours around South Jersey!

The First Bottle - Auctioned for a Good Cause
Cooper River Rye Whiskey will be the first whiskey made from grain-to-bottle at our distillery (and we believe the first grain-to-bottle whiskey bottled in New Jersey since Prohibition - let us know if we're wrong). Because it's so special we want to make sure the very first bottle w
ill go to someone who appreciates it. Therefore, all of the distillers are going to sign the first bottle we fill and auction it off to the highest bidder! Best of all, 100% of the proceeds will go to purchase books for classroom libraries at Mastery Charter - Cramer Hill Elementary School in Camden!

If you're interested in bidding on the first bottle email with your bid & contact info.  We'll open the floor for live bidding on Saturday, April 16th and announce the winner at 6:30pm! You can also bid in person before the 16th at the distillery or at any of our off-site tasting events!

Skip to the bottom for more details on Cooper River Rye Whiskey!
Upcoming Events

Thursday, March 17th
Third Thursday Art Crawl
St. Paddy's Day the Rum Way
aka Return of the Mojito!
Delicious Green Cocktails!
Cooper River Distillers, Camden,NJ
4:00 - 8:30pm

Friday, April 1st
In-Store Tasting
Joe Canal's West Deptford
West Deptford, NJ
4:00 - 7:00pm
*1st Chance to Try Cooper River Rye*

Thursday, April 7th
Meet The Distillers Happy Hour
The Irish Mile
Westmont, NJ
5:00 - 8:00pm

Thursday, April 14th
In-Store Tasting
Hops & Grapes

Glassboro, NJ
5:30 - 7:30pm

Saturday, April 16th
Rye Whiskey Party
Cooper River Distillers
Live Auction of 1st Bottle! (see above)
Camden, NJ
1:00 - 8:00pm

Saturday, May 14th
Handcrafted at Perkins Center
Collingswood, NJ
7:00 - 10:00pm

Full details & more at
Just Some of What's New & What's Coming Up:

Hey Neighbors to the South!

Petty's Island Rum will soon be available in Maryland, Delaware, D.C., & Virginia!

If you're in those areas tell your favorite bars, restaurants, and liquor stores to contact Lanterna Distributors to get Petty's Island Rum on their shelves!

Mark Your Calendars!

Kentucky Derby Party

Saturday, May 7th, 2016
Cooper River Distillers
Camden, NJ
1:00 - 8:00pm
Race: 6:34pm

Come out for live music from Anderson's Six Mile Cross, food from Black Eyed Susan's, and delicious mint juleps made with our own small-barrel bourbon! Hats encouraged! 


We still have a few bottles of our latest Single Run Series Whiskey available here in Camden. This batch was distilled from Saint Benjamin Brewing's IPA and aged in a used Petty's Island Rum barrel.

It's the only spirit we've bottled at barrel proof, but even at 52.7% ABV this is a smooth sipping, complex, and refreshing whiskey with strong notes of the piney, fruity hop flavor from the IPA it started out as! Get a bottle from this 66 bottle batch while you can!
The Nitty Gritty Details for those of you Fishing (In The Dark) for all the info you can get on Cooper River Rye...and yes, I save my country music puns for the bottom of the newsletter.

The Mash Bill: Cooper River Rye Whiskey, like everything we make, is a relatively straightforward, no-B.S. product. Our mash bill consists of 63% Rye, 23% Corn, and 14% 2-Row Malted Barley. The rye was grown in Indiana but sourced through a New Jersey farm. The corn was grown in Pittsgrove, Salem County, NJ. The malt is Canadian.

Fermentation: Our whiskey is fermented using the same rum yeast strain that we use to ferment our rum. Fermentation is relatively long at 5-7 days, and we ferment at relatively warm temperatures of 80-90 degrees which is optimal for our particular yeast strain.

Distillation: Everything we make, including Cooper River Rye Whiskey, is distilled in our 80 gallon, copper alembic potstill which is heated by a direct-flame gas burner. We have a traditional 'worm tub' style condenser that, combined with our use of direct-flame heat, contributes to the full-bodied, flavorful character of our spirits. 

We like to say that our whiskeys are 1.5 times distilled. We don't combine multiple stripping runs into a spirit run for re-distillation a second (or third) time as is typical. We do re-distill very sizable heads & tails cuts, and when we start a new round of whiskey we add the entire first run that comes through the still back in with the second batch of mash in order to boost the proof of subsequent runs. The result of this is that by the time our white dog spirit makes its way into a barrel it is a mix of spirit that has been through the still two, three or even four times along with a major proportion that only came through the still once, directly from mash. Isn't it just easier to say 1.5 times distilled than to try to explain that whole mess?

The Aging Process: The first batch of Cooper River Rye Whiskey spent just over a year aging (55 weeks to be exact). It aged at 106.2 proof in a new, 17 gallon, #3 char, white oak barrel from Kelvin Cooperage in Kentucky. After the whiskey is out, this barrel will have a second life aging Petty's Island Rye Oak Reserve Rum!

The Proofing & Bottling Deets: After experimenting with several options, we decided to bottle Cooper River Rye Whiskey at 86-proof (43% ABV). We proof our whiskey down with reverse osmosis filtered water and filter it (at room temperature) through a 0.02 micron paper filter during bottling to remove any solids but leave all the flavor.
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