Self-Awareness is not a Self-Obsession
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April 2014 Newsletter 
David and Paul Karofsky
Finally, the snow is melting and the temperatures are rising.  Let’s ensure they are outside our offices and homes and not inside our dispositions.  Maybe some reflection on these articles can help.
Paul and David

Self-Awareness is not a Self-Obsession self-awareness

We often suggest that “self-awareness” is the most important attribute of leadership.  It takes time and effort to reflect on who we are, what we want and need, how we feel, react and behave in a variety of situations, and our other capacities on a personal, family and business level.  This doesn’t require spending hours on a black leather couch, though in many instances that’s beneficial, but it does require an investment of energy and the willingness to take a risk.
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A Family Meets on the Future of the Business

We recently had the opportunity to meet with a remarkable family enterprise- a fifth generation legacy business.

We were invited for an interview for a potential consulting engagement.  The company president warmly greeted us at the airport and during the one hour drive to their place of business shared stories about the family company’s history.
We toured the production, warehouse and office facility and then met with three generations of key stakeholders and spouses- all 17 of them.  One even joined us via SKYPE.  With close to a dozen family members working in the business, the family’s commitment is intense.  We learned more about them and their goals and shared our story and process and responded to multiple questions. 
In advance of the meeting, we received a packet including the company’s history, a statement of their goals, and spreadsheets including the names of each family member, their generation, age, position, education and more. 
Their passion, akin to most family businesses, is not unique.  What’s special is the interest and commitment of so many family members to the process.
This is the first time they were all together for a family business meeting.  They were all together as a family being proactive with a desire to ensure a smooth succession plan for their business.
The Peer Alliance
As we continue to populate our forums for Current and Emerging Leaders, we find that each group has a distinct character based on the interests and personalities of its members.  One is focused more on family related topics and another more on business.  One is diving deep into all sorts of challenges, while another is moving along with more caution.  Professional advisors in human resources, communication and law are invited as desired.

Relationships exist beyond the forum experience with members frequently calling upon us and one another for guidance and support.  This accessibility is a vital part of what The Peer Alliance is all about - a community of life-long learners with a willingness to share with openness and intimacy to the level of each member’s individual comfort.
Does this sound like something that might appeal to you or someone you know who is a current or emerging leader in a family enterprise?  If so, drop us an email or give us a call at 508-875-7751 and we’ll fill you in on all the details.
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