Is There a Crack in the Glass Ceiling?
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January 2014 Newsletter 
David and Paul KarofskyNow that we’re past the holidays, it’s time to get down to work.  Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting and facilitating two groups focused on the world of family enterprise: our second Franchise Forward Workshop for Canteen Franchisees and our seventh Retreat for Current and Emerging Leaders.  See more below.

Paul and David

Is There a Crack in the Glass Ceiling?

Glass CeilingFor several months, we’ve been working on putting together a forum for Women in Family Business.  We already have 3 other forum groups for men and women that are up and running with great success, so why a "Women’s Forum" and why not a "Men’s Forum?"  Do the interests of women in their family enterprises differ from those of their male counterparts?  And does asking that question date us?
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On January 13-14, we had the pleasure of hosting 24 people from 5 families to a family business workshop focusing on the transition plans of family owned and managed franchises.  The two day workshop, entitled “Franchise Forward,” gave dual generations of owners and heirs apparent the opportunity to share with one another their desires, concerns and expectations around the future of both leadership and ownership.
Similar in content and format to a 2012 workshop, the program brought parents and adult children together to address topics that are often difficult to talk about alone.  Some of the major themes included the need for more effective communication, clear roles and responsibilities, empowering the younger generation, and commitment to an action plan, The workshop, facilitated by David and Paul Karofsky,  was held in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and was sponsored by Canteen, a national food service franchise division of Compass Group

Franchise Forward
The Peer Alliance

DESIGNING THE DREAM: Crafting our Long Term Plan was the theme of the 2014 Retreat for our Current and Emerging Leaders- Group One.  The workshop, held in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, gave members and spouses an opportunity to envision what  their lives will be like on  personal, family and business levels, ten years hence.  Members and spouses worked independently and then came together to share their visions with remarkable alignment.  Commonly shared themes included: sibling relationships, more time off, planning, putting our own stamp on the business, and a strong recognition of our good fortune and the need to pass values on to our children that express a “culture of gratitude.”  As one member said, “I spend almost all my working time working on the business; this experience gave me an opportunity to work on myself and my desires for the future.”

The Peer Alliance
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