The Hellhounds need you! Help fight the Melding!


Listen up!

My name is Mourningstar. If you somehow missed the newsflashes, instead of heading to the stars on its maiden voyage, the Arclight crash-landed into Fortaleza, Brazil, destroying the city and its hundreds of thousands of residents. The ship, over a kilometer long, was filled with troops, battleframes and military supplies, and some colonists. Even worse, the crash somehow set off some sort of energy storm the brass is calling “the Melding.” Right now, the United Armies of the Accord are trying to hold back the Melding in Brazil, but they haven’t been able to stop it from spreading to other parts of the world. Which means they need help. Our help.

Who are we? We’re the Hellhounds, a mercenary unit working for the United Armies of the Accord. The Melding is making its way – fast – toward the United States and, eventually, the rest of the globe. And what the canned newsfeeds aren’t telling you is that the Melding isn’t just the mother of all storms — it is destroying everything in its path.

We've been brought in by the Accord to help fight off the Melding, so we need brave, smart, and resourceful cadets like you to join up to stop this menace before it’s too late. Unfortunately, we’ve also got another threat on our hands – a group of terrorists who call themselves the Shadow Network. These “Shadows” appear to be interested in aiding the Melding or possibly controlling it for their own uses. The Accord has also tasked us with making sure this does not happen.

So are you with us — and the future of humanity — or against us? With enough Hellhounds we will NOT lose Earth. This is our planet.

Go to and sign up now while there’s still a chance to save the world.
Mourningstar, LT, UAA
Squad Commander
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