LNGH is this Weekend!

It's almost time! This Friday & Saturday night we will be showing a 35mm film presentation of Jack Hill's Switchblade Sisters. We were lucky enough to find a film print of this awesome film to present to you this weekend. I really appreciate all the kind comments we receive about how happy our attendees are that we are showing actual film prints of our presentations as it is hard work finding some of these film prints in such a digital age.

Don't forget, we are trying something fun with this show where we have our female attendees either create a badass character or dress up as their favorite femme fatale from a movie in the past. Leather jackets and leather fingerless gloves are encouraged. Ladies, we cannot wait to see what you come up with. Admission is $7 with the pre-show starting around 11:30pm.


Paracinema Magazine issues are back!

We will have the previous two issues of Paracinema Magazine for sale at the table in the lobby. The issues we will be selling will be their current issue and their previous issue and they are priced at $7. You can pay via cash or via credit (via Square).
Hope to see y'all this weekend!

February 1st & February 2nd, 2012

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We continue our 2013 season with more femme fatale destruction with Jack Hill’s Switchblade Sisters! Late Nite Grindhouse will be presenting this film via a 35mm print for two nights only (Friday & Saturday)! Also, both nights, we will be hosting a contest for the most badass female costume. So ladies, dress up as your favorite cinematic female badass character or come up with your own and the winner will get a prize for the night. The winners will be determined by audience participation and myself.


An adventure-packed action film about the sexiest street gang ever to brandish switchblades. The Dagger Debs and the Silver Blades (their gang brothers) run the local high school like a junior Mafia… complete with prostitution in the bathroom, a protection racket and drug sales. The action heats up when a rival gang leader and his boys are transferred to their school. After an attack on one of the Silver Blades by the rival gang, the Blades declare war. What ensues is the wildest, girl gang gun fight on roller skates to ever hit the big screen.

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