Creating Carnival New Zealand 2014
Laying the Foundations: Music & Movement
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A series of themed evening workshops providing a sneak peek behind the scenes of carnival and the journey from its African roots to modern day contemporary productions.
These hands on sessions will provide a platform for artists, practitioners and producers to engage in conversation, gain practical skills in music and dance and promote this wonderful and ever evolving art form.   Whether you are just curious, regularly perform locally or internationally in carnival groups, or have experience in producing outdoor events, ‘Creating Carnival NZ’ will be a fascinating insight into the backstage aspects and practical artistic skills used in Brazilian and contemporary carnival styles.    The seminar element of the programme will also be a forum to share ideas and explore the future of carnival internationally. 
Following a successful programme this year in the UK, Global Grooves are proud to be invited to deliver our 'Creating Carnival' series in Wellington, New Zealand.

Here's what’s to come during Creating Carnival New Zealand:

Percussion, songs and dances of the Orixas
21st April 2014 - 12.00pm - 3.00pm ($20.00)
This short but intensive master-class in Candomblé features African percussive phrasing and dance moves that have influenced Brazilian carnival traditions today as well as the ancient lost praise songs of age old African gods.
The workshop will be an opportunity for beginners to advanced dancers and musicians to come together to learn more about the roots of Brazilian carnival styles such as ‘Samba’ and ‘Maracatu’ and learn new rhythms, choreography, songs and techniques. At the end of the workshop we will bring all these elements together for an informal combined percussion and dance celebration.
This workshop is suitable for beginner to advanced participants.
Styles covered
Percussion: Candomblé Ketu: ‘Aguere de Oxossi’ & ‘Ilu’ (Aguere de Yansa). Time permitting: ‘Ijexa’  and Candomblé Angola: ‘Samba Kabila’
Dance: Movements, characteristics and choreography for the Orixas ‘Oxossi’, ‘Yansa’ and common Candomblé dance movements and sequences.
Instruments and Equipment
Drummers: Bring your own instruments if you have them:
We will be using – Quinto, Conga, Tumba, Atabaque and Bells. (Don’t worry if you have never played these before or don’t have your own). It may also be useful to bring along timbalé sticks or very light-weight drum sticks if you have them.
Dancers: Please where appropriate clothes and footwear for dancing
Venue: Bell Road Gym, Bell Rd, Wellington 6021

Fee: Payable on attendance.

Creative Conversations: Brazil Carnival
22nd April 2014- 6.00pm- 7.00pm (FREE).

An interesting insight into Brazilian Carnival and how these amazing cultural and community models have travelled the world and influenced carnival arts and social enterprise around the Globe.  Guest speakers Eraldo Marques, Adriana Rosso and Leon Patel will be discussing different carnival traditions from Brazil and internationally and will include imagery, footage and first hand accounts into these fascinating spectacles.

We would welcome carnival groups and producers in New Zealand to share their experience of carnival at the seminar. If you would like to present a short piece about you and your work at this informal event then please contact us and we will arrange a slot for you.  We would love to hear about your work.

Venue: Brazilian Embassy, Level 13, Maritime Tower, 10 Customhouse Quay, Wellington.

To register on this seminar please visit

Bloco Orixala: Afro-Bloco, Dance and Percussion
23rd April 2014 – 6pm – 9.00 ($20)

Following on from the percussion, songs and dances of the Orixas course (21st April) we will develop an exciting and unique combined percussion and dance arrangement to explore and celebrate Brazilian carnival styles from Salvador.
This is an open level course suitable for beginner to advanced dancers and drummers. There will be something for everyone.
The beats, songs and movements will draw influence from Brazilian Candomblé adopting percussion and dance themes to celebrate the Orixas.
Using Surdos, Timbas, Caixas and Repiniques the Global Grooves team have put together some extra special grooves and breaks that will work closely alongside Brazilian Afro-Dance moves and Choreography.
Venue: Bell Road Gym, Bell Rd, Wellington 6021

Fee: Payable on attendance.

For more information about any of the 'Creating Carnival' events please contact  Darryn Sigley on  or for further details about Global Grooves or workshop content contact


The Creating Carnival series will lead up to an amazing residential programme put together by Wellington Batucada and Darryn Sigley who have made this visit possible. If you are attending the Sambanui residential then the Creating Carnival sessions will be an excellent opportunity to explore in more depth the roots of the styles and themes we will explore during Sambanui.
About Sambanui - 24th – 27th April 2014.

 In 2013 Darryn Sigley invited Leon Patel and Adriana Rosso from Global Grooves to New Zealand, and along with  Wellington Batucada organised a get-together for all the NZ Samba Schools.
Sambanui helped to build and feed our vibrant drum and dance community while paying tribute to the wonderful legacy of the Jambalaya Festivals in Auckland.
It was a huge success, with 80 drummers and 20 dancers attending from all over the country. We had such a brilliant time, we’re doing it all again this year!  Join us!

Please note that Sambanui is not open to the general public - just the New Zealand Samba Schools. You can however check out the final public performance of Sambanui at Dowse square, Laings rd,  Lower Hutt on Sunday 27th April at 4pm
For more information about Sambanui 2014 visit

What is Global Grooves?
A UK registered charity with over a decade of short courses, master class weekends, one-to-one tuition, international study and research trips, community development and performance events behind them, Global Grooves raise a fist in the air to the sharing of the richest, most diverse music and dance styles from around the globe.

Whether you want to study the depths of folkloric drumming, dance, or song from far off lands and cultures, or simply want to get your feet tapping to captivating concert sounds, the collective has a global groove for you.

About the Global Grooves team
Leon Patel - Global Grooves Artistic Director
Leon Patel is at the helm of Global Grooves, having committed over a decade to sharing his passion and knowledge of percussion and song from around the world – including Brazilian, South Asian, West African, Cuban, and Western musical styles.

Adriana Rosso Tavares - Global Grooves Lead Choreographer
Adriana has studied and danced with Meninos do Morumbi and Gaviões Da Fiel Samba School in São Paulo where she was twice Princesa da Bateria in 1997/98. She soon became a lead dancer and teacher at Meninos do Morumbi and in 2005 she came to the UK to work with Global Grooves and deliver large-scale cultural dance projects across Europe.

Eraldo De Sa Marques – Global Grooves Musical Director
Eraldo joined Global Grooves in 2004 following a series of collaborative workshops delivered by Meninos do Morumbi. He’s now their artistic manager, percussion tutor, and international liaison. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Eraldo brings a cheery, grounded energy to their often hectic and exciting schedule of events.

Eraldo’s childhood beginnings within the percussion scene (with Meninos do Morumbi – São Paulo, Brazil) have provided him with a real love and understanding of the power of youth participation in the arts.

Genevieve Estevez-Baker – Global Grooves Dance Specialist

Genevieve has been involved in Afro-Brazilian dance since the age of 13, where she studied at Meninos Do Morumbi Oldham, the UK’s only sister project to the internationally renowned social project in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She furthered her training by travelling to Brazil for her year 10 work experience at the age of 15 funded by British Airways Communities and Conservation for excellence in Dance. There she studied with Meninos Do Morumbi, in São Paulo. This opportunity advanced her understanding of not only dance, but also percussion, song and carnival culture.

Darryn Sigley – Global Grooves NZ Coordinator and MD.

Darryn is a professional musician based in Wellington. He holds a music degree from Massey University and has spent time in Cuba, Brazil, Asia, U.K. And Europe studying and performing percussive arts. Darryn is a founder and musical director of Wellington Batucada, a community-based percussion group which brings the world of samba from Brazil to Wellington, New Zealand. He is a member of popular New Zealand band Batucada Sound Machine and regularly travels overseas to perform.

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