This muse highlights a branding campaign for Autism Solutions; m blog: Museums and Mosaics; and a new blog: Qcards!

Branding a Solution

When my proposal was approved, I couldn't wait to get started. Lacey Anderson, of Autism Solutions, had an existing blog, but was in need of additional collateral for meeting with doctors, counselors, and therapists—and she didn't feel that the blog was representative of her abilities as a professional, so she hired mGraphicDesign to create a professional brand, but one with a personal touch since those she actually works with are families and children. I think the excitement of doing something for a client whose work truly impacts lives, really sparked my creativity. I was excited about all the ideas I had as I began working on concepts. There were several options that I really liked, but my favorite just happened to be the one that was chosen (yay!) Typographically, I had a lot of fun with the interplay of the letters in the client name. In my research, I learned that Autism by definition, "is characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships". The typographic arrangement reflects that concept in the logo itself—the word "Autism" is displayed in a way that makes it a little difficult to read, and doesn't form a relationship in the "typical" way we read; while the word "solutions" interacts directly with the word "Autism"—making both words legible. The bracket-style graphics that combine the two words are used differently in each application, indicating that there are different ways that solutions can be reached.

Once we narrowed down the color choices, the brand was applied to business cards, stationery and postcards. Lacey was amazing to work with and we found solutions for each application with very little editing. Autism Solutions is currently working on setting up a blog, and hopefully soon, we'll be working on a web site together.

Museum and Mosaics
My first exposure to mosaics was in elementary school. We created a huge mosaic, and each child placed one tile. The finished piece hung in the lunch room. I remember thinking how neat it was that my little tile square was part of that huge image that I looked at each day. I didn't think much about mosaics again until years later...

Where's the Quote Card??
Quote cards will no longer be attached to each issue of muse. But I've created a blog, Q-cards, where I will post a designed card every week. For muse subscribers, you'll get a new card design at least once a month (the same you previously received). But to anyone who's new, the other weeks of the month will feature some of my favorite previously-sent designs. And soon, every week will feature a new design! Follow the Q-cards blog for postcard designs or the Q-cards Facebook page where you'll get the weekly Q-cards, and you'll get daily quotes too.

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