This muse highlights the web design for Gyphon Private Wealth Management; m blog: Images of Ornate NY; and Qcards blog: What life is...

Gryphon Gets a Web Site

In the March 2011 issue of muse, the business card design for Gryphon Private Wealth Management was highlighted (check out the final design here). Recently we designed their web site. When I shared the launch of their new site on my Facebook page, someone cleverly pointed out that the jagged mountain peaks reflect the same kind of ups and downs that occur in financial markets. Good eye! However, I have to admit, it was a serendipitous result of the photo that was chosen for other reasons (but I love when things work out like that)! 

The company name was chosen when a financial company with the word "eagle" (king of the birds) in their name, joined forces with another financial company named "noble" (think lion, king of the beasts). The visual union is a mythical creature called a gryphon—the guardian of treasure and priceless possessions (click here for more details about the branding project). Not surpisingly, the imagery for their web site was chosen just as intentionally as the company name. Gryphons lived in fortress-like mountains where they guarded the treasure and wealth. We discussed the type of look that seemed right for a "fortress-type mountain", then agreed it would be ideal if we could use a photo of the Sawtooth Mountains, which are near their offices. It took some searching to find one from "their" mountain range that had the right look, but when I found this one, I knew it was perfect. I sent it along with other alternatives so they could be sure too, and we all agreed this one had the right visual message. Because every client's needs are individual and unique, the site's content is intentionally simplified and generalized, giving preliminary information to a potential client who can then get in touch with experts at Gryphon to discuss their specific needs.

Now I Love NY Too!
My husband and I just returned from an amazing trip to New York. Neither of us had been before, so the term "overwhelmed" is understated. I took lots of photos, and will share my favorites over a couple blog posts. This first batch shares some amazing ornamentation in various parts of Manhattan...

June's Q-cards
Here's a cropping from one of June's Q-cards. Click on it, or go to the blog to see the rest of the quote card. Follow the Q-cards blog for weekly postcard designs, and if you follow the
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