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Children in Haiti Are Eating Dirt Cookies to Survive!  Alabama Cookie Entrepreneur has had enough and is seeking assistance from The Tuskegee Human and Civil Rights Multicultural Center and Transmedia Brandcasting Social Media.

In the wake of the success of the newly released motion picture RED TAILS, International Goodwill Ambassador Oscar J. Webb, Board Member of the Tuskegee Syphilis Center, has asked World Colours Network Television (WCN TV) CEO to create opportunities for the stakeholders of Tuskegee to financially benefit from Transmedia Brandcasting Technologies and Social Media.

WCN has created CODE REDTO BLACK to create opportunities for the Global Private & Public Sectors including Non Profit & NGOs to turn "Content into Cash" for ongoing operations. Starting with the revelation about children in Haiti eating dirt cookies, we had to step in and ask the WCN Audience to help.  Please review this important post.

Well enough is enough and Alabama Cookie Entrepreneur James Montgomery has set out to do something about it.  Aliza’s Cookies' Pastries for Haiti Project plans to send 5,000 cases of cookies and pastries to Haiti to send a message of encouragement, hope and LOVE.

The Pastries for Haiti Project
Haitian children in the poorest parts of the poorest country in the world are turning to dirt cookies to provide the minimal nutrition to keep them alive. The ‘mud-pies’ are considered a commodity in towns where women work to produce thedirt cookies on a daily basis.  We are pleased to share with you the exciting news about the Pastries for Haiti Project.  Together, with your support, we will send 5,000 cases of delicious pastries to children in Haiti.  We want to stop the unsafe and unhealthy practice of children eating cookies made of dirt, salt and butter. 

To get a glimpse of how dirt cookies are made in Haiti, please visit
The Pastries for Haiti Project is also fully committed to developing relationships to help facilitate better educational opportunities and medical treatment for children in Haiti.  Pastries for Haiti has partnered with two non-profit organizations:  the Haitian Health Foundation and Miles College.  Both of these organizations are fully committed to improving education and health in Haiti.

Each case of cookies contains 50 boxes of pastries at a cost of $150 per case ($3 per box).  Your donation will put smiles on the faces of children in Haiti and allow them to have a memorable sweet treat.

Please make your check or money order payable to:  Pastries for Haiti Project
Please mail your check or money order to:
Pastries for Haiti Project 
PO Box 1870
Anniston, AL 36202

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please visit Pastries for Haiti online for more information and to make a secure purchase:


After conducting some research for the Tuskegee Human and Civil Rights Multicultural Center and the Tuskegee Airmen Inc., given the release of Red Tails the Movie, WCN Transmedia Brandcasting Catalyst Jay O’Conner was asked to examine ways to generate multiple incomes for the Center and The Tuskegee Airmen.

Some simple research revealed that the Girl Scouts of America raises 700 Million dollars in revenue from their annual Cookie Program!
(Who among us can resist buying several boxes of this highly anticipated annual treat?)

Ambassador Webb recently set up a meeting for James Montgomery and Jay O’Conner to discuss the creation of a Cookie Program for the Tuskegee Airmen.  Tthrough the power of Social Media and Transmedia Brandcasting, WCN TV is offering the opportunity for your NON Profit to also deliver this type of program for your organization through the WCN Transmedia Brandcasting Alliance with Aliza’s Cookies. 


WCN will offer a one hour Transmedia Brandcasting Consultation for the first 100 donors to this cause. Also, as a special bonus for helping, WCN will set up a FREE Bowling for Charity Fundraiser for 30 days with ALL MONIES donated to this worthy cause after covering nominal expenses.


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Let's Make Smiles
THANK YOU!  Your support ensures that our valuable work can continue.  By giving, you make a difference and you directly touch the lives of others.
Please visit us on the web: Pastries for Haiti Project

James D. Montgomery, Sr. President and CEO of Aliza's Cookies

James D. Montgomery, Sr.

President and CEO of Aliza's Cookies, Inc.

“We want to show the children of Haiti that they are loved and remembered," says James D. Montgomery, Sr., President and CEO of Aliza’s Cookies, Inc. and the creator of this unique fund-raising initiative.  Montgomery, who has made several visits to Haiti both before and after the earthquake in 2010, believes that it is important to remember the children during this holiday season.  He says, “We want to show the children that they count and that they are not forgotten. Why cookies?  Cookies warm the heart and make people smile. The children of Haiti deserve to feel loved and this is just the beginning! Haiti is in a transformational period. There are a lot of changes going on right now. We are excited to be a part of this historical time and are committed to continuing to work diligently in an effort to help cultivate positive changes in this resilient country.”

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Two years has passed since the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti, but the people there are not forgotten.  Through the Pastries for Haiti Project, we want the children of Haiti to know that there is hope and that we love them.  Additionally, the Pastries for Haiti Project will distribute a percentage of all proceeds to our valuable partners (visit to learn more) in order to help fund new or ongoing projects and programs that they are pursuing in Haiti. 


"God Loves You Haiti" is a song from the heart and a message of  the power of God's Love.  Please download this song today and help us to send a message of hope, faith and LOVE!

James D. Montgomery, Sr.
Aliza’s Cookies, Inc.
Pastries for Haiti Project
P.O. Box 1870
Anniston, Alabama 36202
Phone: (256) 835-2995
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