Stormy Chamberlain SAC Chair
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Dr. Stormy Chamberlain—the world-renowned, widely published and highly successful researcher of Angelman syndrome—has been named the new Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) Chair for the Angelman Syndrome Foundation.
“I am thrilled to serve as Chair of the ASF’s Scientific Advisory Committee and continue the great work led by Dr. Dan Harvey and the SAC,” said Dr. Chamberlain. “I have a high level of commitment to collaboration and sharing resources to further AS research, all of which helps accelerate research by working together. This is a tremendously exciting time for AS research and I see a lot of promise in our community’s future.”

Dr. Chamberlain, assistant professor in the University of Connecticut’s Genetics and Developmental Biology department, is an AS research pioneer and is well known for studying unique ways to activate paternal Ube3a as well as using human stem cell models to study AS.
Over the years in her UConn lab, Dr. Chamberlain has led and collaborated on several significant research projects, including:

  • Developing human stem cell models to study AS
  • Assessing the ability of Topotecan and ASOs to work in human neurons
  • Understanding the cellular phenotype of human AS stem cells
  • Determining the sub-cellular localization of Ube3a protein isoforms
  • Studying the regulation of Ube3a-ATS to silence paternal Ube3a

“We thank Dr. Harvey for his many years of service to the ASF SAC, and we are thankful that he will remain a member of both the ASF SAC and Board of Directors, continuing to contribute his many talents to the AS Community,” said Greg Dohrmann, President of the ASF Board of Directors. “The SAC plays an immensely significant role in networking researchers and funding research that pursues promising avenues of discovery towards treatment and a cure, and we are looking forward to Dr. Chamberlain’s leadership in taking the ASF’s research program to new heights.”
Comprised of 17 AS researchers, clinicians and professionals from both academia and industry, the SAC works with the ASF Board to set the research trajectory for the ASF. The SAC critically and stringently reviews all research applications submitted to the ASF for funding and works with ASF staff to conduct the annual Scientific Symposium, the premier AS scientific research forum held every year exclusively for researchers to connect, collaborate and advance AS research.
View Dr. Chamberlain’s full bio here, and join us in welcoming her as the new ASF SAC Chair!

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