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Reining Horse Breeders meet on Saturday May 5 next. All Reining Horse Breeders are invited by «Éleveurs de Chevaux de Chevaux de Reining (AECR - Performance-Québec)» to discuss about possible upgradings to the Excellence Program and all other matters related to the Reining Horses Breeding Industry.
Here is the agenda for this meeting to be held at 10:00 am at «Parc Équestre de Blainville»:
  1. Identification of Reining Horse Breeders in attendance
  2. Short history about Performance-Quebec (AECR)
  3. Summary of actual financial standing
  4. Discussions about the actual program
  5. Development and orientation on a short, medium and long term basis to forecast
  6. Miscellaneous
  7. Closing
It is very important than interested Breeders send in their Registration Form to permit an adequate preparation of meeting room for attendance number. This meeting is also held during the 'Annual AQR Open House': Please don't hesitate to call AQR Office regarding any question about the 'Open House' and the 'Reining Horse Breeders Meeting'.   Telephone: 819.850.2810 or email.

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