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Development on the taxation of services in 2014
Notice to all members
Following a meeting of information with an accounting firm and a lawyer specializing in non profit organization (NPO) on February 19, and according to their recommendations, your association must charge taxes (GST and QST). These taxes must be applied on all the services offered at our shows for either stalls, campsites, tacks, shavings and for the entries. However, they were already applied in the past on the stalls, tacks and campsites (status quo for the above). The only tax exemptions are the membership cards and the money collected through sponsorship.

Therefore, through administrative restructuring and in order to avoid an additional burden on members, we are pleased to announce that your association will be able to absorb most of the costs associated with the taxes.

In conclusion, for 2014, added money, gifts, saddles that will be given away in our two big events, as well as your paid out will be pretty much the same as last year.
Yours sincerely,
André De Bellefeuille
AQR President

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