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Association Québécoise de Reining (AQR in short for Quebec Reining Association) is very proud to present its 2013 Board of Directors, including Executive members.

ANDRÉ DE BELLEFEUILLE was named the 25th President (since 1976 founding year) while ALAIN ALLARD remains Vice-President and RENÉ BOUTHILLIER was elected to the Treasurer post. Here are the seven (7) other BOD members:

  • Danielle Roux (since 2011) : Non Pro exhibitor
  • Anne Schmidlin (since 2012) : Youth exhibitor and Youth Committee member
  • Raymond Delisle (2010 to 2012) : Trainer
  • Jean-Martin Donais (2006-2007 President and 2005-2008 BOD member): Trainer
  • Serge Primeau (2006-2009 BOD member): Non Pro exhibitor
  • Manon Thivierge (new BOD member): Non Pro exhibitor
  • Jeanne Payeur (new BOD member): Non Pro Exhibitor
Introduction of 2013 AQR Executive members
  • André de Bellefeuille (President) was an AQR BOD member in the early 2000's and actually sits on a few NRHA and FEQ (Quebec Equestrian Federation) Committees. André is a reining horse breeder at his 'Ferme Excalibur' on top of showing regularly in NRHA Non Pro classes. André's name first appeared in NRHA show records in 1990 and was both 2012 Performance-Québec and AQR Non Pro Futurities Champion. Back in 2005, André was the Performance-Québec Open Futurity and Non Pro Futurity Champions and the AQR Non Pro Futurity Champion. Two years later, he was named the 2007 Performance-Québec Non Pro Futurity Champion. He was inducted into the 2010 AQR Hall of Fame.
  • Alain Allard (Vice-President) is part of AQR world as a trainer since the late 70's: Everyone does remember his 1989 NRHA Open Futurity win with Brennas Kid. He was also named 'Quebec Reining Trainer of the Year' ten times and eight of them were on consecutive years. AQR is an AQR BOD member since 2009 and was AQR 2009-2010 President. He also is an NRHA judge and was one the judges at the 2012 NRHA Futurity and was inducted to the 2007 AQR Hall of Fame. Alain still trains reining horses, mainly Futurity horses, and first appeared on NRHA shows records in 1982. Since 1986, he was Champion of many Futurities hold in Québec.
  • René Bouthillier (Treasurer) was AQR BOD member and Treasurer from 2009 through 2011. René showed a few times in Non Pro events and had raised a few reining babies.
  • Gaëtan Laroche, is the AQR Executive Director since November 1, 2008 after being an AQR BOD member from 2005 through 2008.  He was AQR President in 1982 and 1991 and was the original Performance-Québec promoter in the mid 80's. He appeared on NRHA Non Pro show records in 1979 and also judged NRHA shows from the late 70's through 2004. He finally ended his judging career in 2008 for 'NRHA Germany'. 2009 saw Gaëtan being inducted in the AQR Hall of Fame.
AQR also announces the nomination of Chantal Seers (450) 782-2164 as its Official Sponsorship Rep.

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