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Deadline: December 31
It is indeed before December 31, 2014 that AQR (or AECR) should receive your entries to Performance-Quebec Excellence Program if you wish to nominate your foals before their age change on January 1st next.

2014 P-Q Futurity 2017
P-Q Derby 2018-19-20
2013 P-Q Futurity 2016
P-Q Derby 2017-18-19
2012 P-Q Futurity 2015
P-Q Derby 2016-17-18
2011 P-Q Derby 2015-16-17 $2,000
2010 P-Q Derby 2015-16 $1,500
2009 P-Q Derby 2015 $1,000
Any owner nominating a horse (before December 31) must be a current 2014 AQR member or becomes a 2015 member.  You can also download the Fees Table shown above.
You are surely aware of the fantastic prize money stats paid during the last two years for Performance-Quebec Derbies and Performance-Quebec Futurities:
Year Total $ paid Nominator’s
2013 $83,383.43 $3,835.14
2014 $ 75,902.82 $3795.14
We do think it’s awesome for a P-Q Derby and a P-Q Futurity! You could also add to these the AQR Pre-Futurity, the AQR Derby, the AQR Futurity and the AQR 7-Up plus other prize monies paid at various Pink Ribbon Aged Events. REINING IS A BIG DEAL IN QUEBEC!
You may also check the current lists of eligible horses which are updated on a regular basis.

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