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Dear Friends of Hands Across the Border,

We are only 11 days away from the potential break-up of our country. As today's polls show, the future of the Union is on a knife edge. This is the time to come together and show that we will not allow our country to disappear into history. Please become a cairn-builder and don't wake up on the 19th of September wishing you had done more. Spread the word about the Cairn to your friends and family and - if living south of the border - write to your local MP demanding to know what they are doing about sending Scotland a strong message of support from Parliament.

We have now become the central venue for pro-union rallies and meetings as the only physical marker of people's support for the Union. As you can see from the picture above, the Cairn is already overflowing and is now beginning to further resemble the Clava Cairns in Inverness. We want to make it as large and impressive as possible by the 18th of September, so do come down and do your bit!

There are several events before the 18th September which we would encourage you all to come along to. As our largest event, this Saturday 13th September we will be hosting BRIT ROCKS! Festival at the Cairn. There will be bands, live acts and poetry readings. Confirmed acts include: Lily Underwood, Sylvain and the Waaw Waaws and the Alleys. It will be a terrific day out with what we hope will be a very large crowd, so please do come down for this. Have a look at the BRIT ROCKS! website ( to keep up to date with new acts performing at the festival. The event will be free but we would be grateful if you could help support the financial cost of the festival on its crowd-funding page here:

This Wednesday at 9am, we will also have a visit from Jim Murphy as part of his 100 Streets in 100 Days tour, and on Wednesday 17th, the night before the vote, we will be lighting a 'Beacon for Britain' at the Cairn. Everyone is also welcome to join us for our candle-lit vigil from 8 until 10 pm on the night of the 18th as we await the result of the referendum after polls have closed.

Let us unite and save our country!

Very best wishes,


P.S. Here are some thoughts on the strength and flexibility of Scottish identity:

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