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June 2013 Newsletter

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30 Island Street, Bellows Falls Project

Construction Progress Report – June 2013


"The Good, the Bad, and….Then It Got Worse……but now……….!"

Our last Construction Progress Report seemed to deliver nothing but bad, unexpected – and expensive – news.  This month, we (finally) have some good news to deliver.

Exterior, Site Work

All rough tasks have been completed; the stormwater system is installed and functioning; the (new) delivery door loading dock pad has been poured; landscaping and planting work will start in mid-June.

The solar thermal panels are ‘up and operating’ – providing building heat on the occasional chilly morning   The pellet boiler system will be installed in early fall……just in time for winter 2013-2014.


Interior, Tenant Fit-Up

Anyone who inspected the building interior before renovations commenced would not recognize the facility.  All new utilities (plumbing, electrical, fire suppression system, etc.), roof / truss system, door and windows, offices, etc. are either finished or near completion.  


It’s been a hectic year and we’ve benefited greatly from the hard work of many contractors, service groups, volunteers, etc.   A complete list of those who participated in the success of this project will appear in the next Newsletter – and at the Grand Opening.

We expect to receive final permits and approvals at the end of this month, allowing occupancy in early July……..just a few months behind schedule, but quite typical for renovations of “ancient” buildings.

The building is essentially “fully leased” – the SEVCA textile sorting and baling operation with Tonia White and crew working over what was once a mysterious pit in the building, Dave Bonta’s solar thermal panel manufacturing facility; Bonnie Anderson and her bike repair / bike repair training venture, etc.

Grand Opening

Stay tuned for details of the Grand Opening festivities at the former Vermont Farm Machinery building……and for detailed information about SVG’s next project(s).
NEW SVG logo!
new mechanical room
new mechanical room
new truck door/dock
new truck door/dock
solar thermal panels at work
prep for loading dock


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