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Sustainable Valley Group
June 2012 News
Meet New Board Member Emily Peyton
Sustainable Valley Group welcomes new board member Emily Peyton, founding partner of Hempfully Green !, a budding company dedicated to revolutionizing the building industry with a very old product: Hemp.
Emily answered some questions asked by Anne Morton in a recent interview.  
AM - Why did you join the SVG board?
EP - I accepted the position on the board because I believe in the project and because I really enjoy the "can do" attitude of the people I have met involved in it.  I am totally excited about making the island a hemp center, and thereby attract people from far and wide.  There's a huge benefit to be reaped by making the first United States plunge into industrial hemp building, what with the green press that a commercial project will receive.  I am also thankful for the Green Island because going into business is something I have fantasized about for years and years, but not ever put my full effort into. So I am thankful for the wisdom that I will have available in those that have gone before and who will complement our path.
AM - How will your background help the mission of SVG?
EP - I have studied long and hard the illness of our corporate-socio-economic-geo-political relations, and the fruits of that study will be of use to our vision to restore a respect for and harmonious relationship with Nature. Thus I will be working to introduce what I call "Compassionism" as a more fitting economic/political model for our times than capitalism or any of the other "isms". What does Compassionism entail? It embodies a welcome to abundance, so long as that abundance is achievable absent cruelty.  So these philosophies along with Hempfully Green's addition to the Green Island make our connection a naturally superb plan. Industrial Hemp is the fourth cornerstone of a totally renewable energy future; we can mantra Wind Solar Hydro Hemp.  So in me you get a fresh out of the box supporter for all you do, and like you, someone with the courage to do the right thing where the wrong thing seems so much safer.  We are at a time now where we really must turn in our sheepness and embolden our meekness to create the vision of a happy future; simply taking the initiative to boldly do the right thing, where we know what that is.  And, instead of fighting, to heal those who are so ill of mind that they would defile the very Earth that sustains them.  How will my background help the board?   Hmm.  I am a self-taught person, but I think I have a doctorate in healing our relationship with government. I also have video production skills that could be useful to the Green Island.
AM - What do you enjoy doing for fun?
EP - I do activism for fun. And for a really whole lot of fun, I organize things like a "free your inner sovereign" ceremony, which is really a bit of healing that looks like great street theatre. I really enjoy doing things like that, singing at open mic, practicing communicating with animals of all kinds, cooking local foods, and learning about exciting methods of healing the Earth, and sharing them with as many as possible so we can do it together.  I draw for relaxation, and hike in woods with my dogs; I enjoy my chickens and want many more animals to live with.  I like pot lucks very much. I enjoy giving thanks in a group, and learning now about energy healing, shamanism, and herbalism.  I really like turning on light bulbs in people's imaginations for the happier ending.

Join us in welcoming Emily Peyton to the Sustainable Valley Group board.  We look forward to working with her on the Green Island Project as she brings lots of new ideas, energy and enthusiasm to our group.  To learn more about her business, check out her web site:
Financing Update
The SVG Executive Committee is making headway on the VEDA loan requirements.  We received the final permitting requirement for our site work at 30 Island St. from the Rockingham Planning Commission.  A commercial appraisal has been completed. SVG Executive Committee is currently negotiating leases required for the business plan.
The meeting of the members held on May 16, 2012 amended the articles of incorporation with the additional article to be consistent with our activities and Bylaws:"The primary purpose of the corporation is to facilitate industrial and economic development primarily in Windham and Windsor County Vermont through education about sustainability and by identifying, fostering, encouraging and assisting the physical location of sustainable enterprises, entrepreneurs and activities within said region." 
Illuzzi’s Visit 
May 16, 2012
State Senator Vincent Illuzzi, R/D-Essex/Orleans joined a group of about 30 people including press from 3 papers and videographers from FACTV and a BCTV collaboration at the Bellows Falls train station for a tour of the Green Island Project led by Sustainable Valley Group board members Gary Fox and Hal Wilkins.
Among those in attendance were State Senator Jeanette White (D-Windham), and State Rep. Carolyn Partridge (D-Windham), chairwoman of the House Agriculture Committee and Patricia Moulton Deputy Secretary of the Agency of Commerce and Community Development.
The first stop on the tour was made at 30 Island St.  SVG purchased this property on December 28, 2011 and has been working on renovations in preparation for tenants this summer.  From there the group stopped at the Community Garden operated by Our Place Drop-In Center to view:
 The Robertson Paper Co where SVG has bio-diesel production equipment in storage.   This facility is on the national historic register, and SVG began the process to identify a rehabilitation plan last year in conjunction with the Town of Rockingham, SEVCA and the Preservation Trust of Vermont.  And, The Vilas Bridge which is owned by NH, has been closed for 2 years negatively impacting the Bellows Falls downtown economy, and noted that NH DOT moved it from 2015 to 2022 for repairs.
Then they visited two properties on Bridge Street.  In the WOOL Radio/Charlie Hunter Studio/Sherwin Art Glass Studio building owned by Island Corporation, where SVG rents industrial space housing a Soveren PV Solar racking production operation, while the other one is the former home of the Bellows Falls Times newspaper.
The group swung by the railroad tunnel, where Downtown Development Alliance (BFDDA) President Katie Dearborn and Vice President Lamont Barnett pointed out: Where the tunnel had been lowered to accommodate over-height boxcars eliminating a freight bottleneck without tearing up the Square and Hotel Windham, and, Aesthetic and infrastructure capital improvements developed by BFDDA to the canal and island areas, and,  Visual and physical connections between the Island and the Downtown business districts.
While walking the railroad platform back from the tunnel the group stopped at the Waypoint Interpretive Visitor Center where Robert McBride, director of Rockingham Museum and Arts (RAMP) and representative on the River Byways Commission, met us and talked about this beautiful piece of architecture, its purpose and program.
Then back to the train station for refreshments and discussions with the senator and two house reps on the local economy, and with ACCD Deputy Secretary Pat Moulton encouraging folks to work with her agency on the economic opportunities discussed by the legislators.  
Afterwards at the SVG board meeting Emily Peyton was elected to the board.  SVG would like to thank Café Loco, Halladay’s and Lisai’s for their generous food donations.
SVG Secured Domain Name
Board President and founding member Dave Bonta has obtained the SVG website domain SUSTAINABLEVALLEYGROUP.ORG from the founding group’s registered agent.
It will give SVG a potential to spread Green Island project type of incubators to other Windham & Windsor County communities in the future.
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