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Rens Lipsius Newsletter nr. 2

The announcement of the Rens Lipsius Studio in Paris in the Ideal Artist House # 2 on the 8th of June was a great success.

For the occasion, Rens Lipsius conceived an installation and a performance: a dining table, with only two seats at each end, was set up underneath a long skylight. A curtain of fine fabric surrounded the table and caught the light from above, functioning as a lightbox. The installation was meant as a metaphor for the artist’s studio, and Lipsius himself executed three performances, during which he sat silently at the head of the table.

Lipsius also marked the addresses of his seven Ideal Artist House projects and the Light Observation Field site on the walls of the presentation space. These were set alongside the two photographs from the Ideal Artist House #3, the prefab structure known as the ‘CuCkoosHouse’ at the Light Observation Field.

Photo's  by R. Verdaguer

The Ideal Artist House In Friesland.

These projects #3, #4 and #5 in Friesland, the Netherlands, are scheduled to open this November, along with the official opening of Rens Lipsius Studio in Paris and Amsterdam.

A new website will be on view from September, 2012.

With best wishes for a most enjoyable summer!
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