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Rens Lipsius Newsletter nr. 3

Opening of the Ideal Artist House no.2 on dec. 8 th with Han Jonkers , guitarist, in preparation for a recital organized in the ‘Stijlkamer’ in front of a triptych of "Large Standing Figures & Abstract Panels".

Amsterdam, Ideal Artist House no.7, is now open !
What to expect? Come and take a look, Soak up the atmosphere with fizzy drinks and think of what this art may be.
Rens Lipsius, the Dutch multimedia artist, is internationally recognized for using his oeuvre —painting, photography, and video— to challenge conventional ways of living with art.
Ten years ago, his concept of The Ideal Artist House opened in Paris. In collaboration with the American Icar foundation, his studio became a temporary home and exhibition space for major artists Dennis Oppenheim, Vito Acconci, John Coplans, and JCJ Vanderheyden, along with the ENSBA-Paris project and his own work. The space became known as Rens Lipsius’ Ideal Artist House and was critically acclaimed for a new way of profiling art and artists.
“Humanism as Medium”,  Rens Lipsius’ Ideal Artist House is a space at once mental and sensual . . . total art.
"facade I.A.H no.2"         "Stairs-Objet Derive" with "Wandering Profiles"             "Fall" -poliptych ( 3x4.6m)

The viewer is invited to achieve intimacy with the artwork, to reach the light of what is essential.

Rens Lipsius has since realized 7 Ideal Artist Houses worldwide. Herengracht 254 in Amsterdam is the latest. A modern version of a traditional Amsterdam canal house, it features a commercial ‘bel étage’ and a ‘stijlkamer’ with an authentic eighteenth-century ceiling painting by a Dutch master. Currently working with artists, gallerists, curators, and other professional, Herengracht 254 represents a radical new shift in how art can be experienced and also sold.

Herengracht 254,1016 BV Amsterdam For information and visits:

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