Nonprofit Law Updates. November 2014.
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Should you give to the jar?

Have you been asked to "round up" your restaurant bill for a good cause? Or maybe to "give a dollar" as you're paying for groceries? Have you had the donation bucket pointed your way outside the big box store? 

We compiled common Q/A about year-end donations. Happy giving!

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Hot Topics

Donor Q&A: How can I make sure my donation is tax-deductible? 

Donor Q&A: Should I make one large gift to one charity? Or should I spread out my charitable dollars to several nonprofits?

Donor Q&A: I focus my charity time through volunteering. Can I deduct the value of my volunteer service? 

Donor Q&A: How do donations to a nonprofit affect my taxes? 

Nonprofit To-Do: Update government agencies - filing report requirements

Nonprofit Board Members: Am I liable?

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Client Highlight - VentureLab

VentureLab is a hands-on innovation and entrepreneurship program that teaches young people - from age 5 - to be the next generation innovators and entrepreneurs.

The organization has been featured in national publications like the Wall Street Journal for its innovative programs.

Founder and CEO Cristal Glangchai explains: 

"Most girls—really, most children—aren’t told they can start a company. I only knew it was an option because my father was an entrepreneur. I created VentureLab to tell kids, starting at 5-years-old, that using their creative ideas to start a business is an option for them."

Young entrepreneurship programs include start-up, gamer, maker, urban farmer, film production, and more.

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