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In creating the Clyde Snow Social Justice Award, the Center for Social Justice wishes to recognize, and to give you the chance to acknowledge, Dr. Snow’s exceptional work in the field of human rights and social justice.  The Clyde Snow Social Justice Award is a collective effort of all of us who have had the opportunity to know Clyde and admire his work, thus donations of any amount are welcomeFor more information on the Clyde Snow Social Justice Award click here.


Over the past thirty years Dr. Clyde Snow has touched the lives of thousands of individuals and communities around the world. The forensic work of Clyde Snow counters the actions of violent regimes that attempt to reduce women, children, and men to nameless faceless victims. He rescues their personal histories and stories, their humanity. Dr. Snow and his team have worked on anonymous gravesites in 44 countries around the world, including Argentina, Cambodia, El Salvador, Peru, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Iraqi Kurdistan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. He also helps to train local forensic anthropology teams, emphasizing the importance of following proper forensic procedures while still cherishing the recovered remains as an important fragment of a person’s story. In 2012 the award will be offered to Clyde Snow. After that, every two years, the Center for Social Justice will select a recipient for the Clyde Snow Social Justice Award. The main criterion for this selection will be that the person or organization contributes to the re-humanization of victims of human rights abuses. The award recepient can come from any field, and reside in any country.
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