The Opportunity Issue

"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

— Benjamin Franklin

Opportunities for parents

There are a lot of great trainings coming up, check out the offerings at Michigan Alliance for Families, become a leader in Policy Advocacy, and join other parents alongside advocates and attorneys in learning about and advocating for topics that impact students with special education needs. (Click on images below for more.)

Opportunities for educators

This stuck with me…

Authors perform their piece "Simon Says" in a poetry slam.

I think a lot about schools, and in my various roles as a coach in schools, faculty member teaching pre-service teachers, an advocate working with families, and a parent myself, I am constantly reminded of not only how our schools fail so many children, but also how empowering they can be. I remain hopeful and optimistic that the American education system can be fixed, and I am constantly seeking opportunities to be a part of that change. Because school shouldn’t be a game of Simon Says, and everyone deserves opportunity.

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