September 18, 2013 
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September 18, 2013 - Dallas, TX ---- In November 2012, representatives from The Embrey Family Foundation and The Boone Family Foundation attended the Applied Research Center’s national conference called Facing Race. Their goal was to better understand the barriers to equity that they frequently experienced in their local work and find ways to build racial equity capacity for their grantees.
Foundations are in the business of making change by identifying issues and building the capacity to impact those issues through their grantees. “Every community has a unique history and unique challenges related to race. Racial inequity is an underlying barrier for our foundations’ work in areas of arts and culture, education and human rights,” said Lauren Embrey of The Embrey Family Foundation.
There is great value in exchanging ideas and best practices with others across the country that are doing this work. The Applied Research Center (ARC) advances racial justice through media, research and leadership development. ARC will host their 2014 Facing Race Conference in Dallas from November 13-15, 2014. In addition to highlighting a Southern perspective for Facing Race attendees, the 2014 conference will offer the local community unprecedented access to information and resources on racial equity.
The Embrey and Boone foundations understood the need to begin the local racial equity capacity building process in advance of the national conference in order for Dallas nonprofits to maximize their experience at the conference. Dallas Faces Race is a resource for local nonprofits to build their racial equity capacity and collaborate to make change. Over 150 local nonprofits are now Dallas Faces Race Partners. Hundreds of individuals are subscribers.
Dallas Faces Race is the beginning of a sustainable forum on race in Dallas. The forum will bring together organizations to actively build their capacity to address racial inequity and make change. Dallas Faces Race will move beyond discussion groups on race, cultural awareness and diversity. Dallas Faces Race will engage those who are ready to define equity and collaborate to make change.
The scope of work for Dallas Faces Race is limited to nonprofit Partners. They will be offered access to racial equity training, resources and a shared calendar to promote their racial equity programs. “As
family foundations, we build capacity in the nonprofit arena. This is the space where we can be most effective.” said Cynthia Yung, Executive Director of The Boone Family Foundation.
The racial equity work itself will be driven by Dallas Face Race Partners. Building racial equity capacity of nonprofits will increase their ability to engage their communities and the public. The Partners will develop their own strategies and collaborations based on the needs and capacity of each Partner organization.
Dallas Faces Race is encouraged to see a renewed emphasis on racial equity solutions outside of the nonprofit community. Public and private sector initiatives are critically important for the entire community. These initiatives are being planned and executed independent of Dallas Faces Race.
For more information on Dallas Faces Race, please visit and follow #dfacesrace on Twitter. A list of racial equity books, films and events are available to the public on the Dallas Faces Race Resource page.
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