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Dallas Faces Race
The beginning of a sustainable forum on race in Dallas. The forum will bring together organizations to actively build their capacity to address racial equity and make change.     #Dfacesrace             


Video: Rinku Sen on Dallas Faces Race
Rinku Sen, President and Executive Director of Applied Research Center (ARC) speaks to Dallas about the 2014 Facing Race conference and Dallas Faces Race.

Article: Building a New Racial Justice Movement 
"We are definitely at the brink of something. I hope that it is a racial justice movement, one that builds on the legacy of civil rights while bringing crucial new elements to our political and social lives. We have a chance to explore fundamental questions like the nature of racism, what to do with the variety of racial hierarchies across the country, and how to craft a vision big enough to hold together communities who are constantly pitted against one another."  Read More


Racial Justice Leadership Institute for Art & Cultural Organizer
(Workshop) September 18-19, 2013
Register a representative from your organization TODAY! Spaces are limited.

The arts/culture training enhances participants’ understanding of structural racism and creates a space to explore various tools and frameworks that align with a vision of racial justice in our institutions, social policies and cultural life. The training is 1.5 days and participants must plan to attend the entire training, as each piece builds on the previous segments. Participants will learn key concepts in structural racism, including 

• the difference between diversity, equality and equity
• the definition and role of implicit bias
• the four levels of racism 
• the importance of integrating political and cultural strategies to achieve racial justice

Participants will practice identifying and addressing racial inequity in local arts and culture systems and institutions, and work through a series of case studies to help them develop and articulate concrete strategies for implementing racial equity projects. This training is geared toward people who are running arts programs and/or presenting/curating work. Individual artists are welcome to attend as long as they are part of a partner organization. 
 From the nineteenth century until today, the power brokers of Dallas have always portrayed their city as a progressive, pro-business, racially harmonious community that has avoided the racial, ethnic, and class strife that roiled other Southern cities. But does this image of Dallas match the historical reality? In this book, Michael Phillips delves deeply into Dallas's racial and religious past and uncovers a complicated history of resistance, collaboration, and assimilation between the city's African American, Mexican American, and Jewish communities and its white power elite. Find out more about White Metropolis at
Find more books about racial equity in Dallas on our website.
Leaders from various young professional organizations gathered last week to discuss why young professionals need to talk about race and influence change in Dallas. Each person was challenged to go back to their organization and Partner with Dallas Faces Race. These leaders have a desire to use their voice and actions to make this city great. Special thanks to our Partners with the Mayor's Star Council for cultivating this group.
Learn. Partner. Connect

Getting the most from your DFR Partnership requires action by the Partners. Don’t wait. Your organization will miss out on valuable information and relationships.
The Dallas Faces Race Partners List is a rich source of opportunity!
Each Partner has committed to collaborating with other Partners to build racial equity capacity. Don’t be shy!  Reach out to a Partner(s) and start collaborating! Here are a few ideas.  Choose one, choose all, but get started today.
  1. Call a Partner (Or, go for coffee!) and talk about ideas for using DFR Resources
  2. Have you registered for a Racial Justice Leadership Institute? Talk to a Partner about how to share the Training experience within your organizations.
  3. Planning an event on racial equity?  Post it on the DFR Shared Calendar and call a Partner to extend a personal invitation.
  4. Check the Partner list.  Do you know a nonprofit who could benefit from Partnership?  Invite them to be a DFR Partner and sign up today.
  5. Please have EVERYONE in your organization SUBSCRIBE TO OUR EMAILS by going to our homepage.
  6. Tell us about your Partner collaboration experience at or #Dfacesrace
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Dallas Faces Race is the beginning of a sustainable forum on race in Dallas. The forum will bring together organizations to actively build their capacity to address racial equity and make change.     #Dfacesrace
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