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august 17th - summer sunset

this week: summer sunset!

Happy Monday! I couldn't get enough of your seriously gorgeous gingham posts from last Friday. Thank you for feeding my obsession!

On to this week: I don't know about you, but s
ummer sunsets always find a way to make a bad day better. This Friday, we'll channel that positive energy and use it in our ensembles! Whether you use a color palette based on the sundown scene or create something you'd wear at sunset, it's up to you :)

As always, thank you so much for taking time out of your crazy summer schedules to link up with #FridaysFancies. I'm so lucky to have you! Since you're all so creative, I'd love to hear some theme ideas for this fall--all you need to do is reply to this email :)
See you on Friday, friends! xoxo Alison

next week: road trip!

august 24th - road trip

With the dog days of summer almost behind us, I thought it would be fun to devote a round of Friday's Fancies to a fun summer pasttime: the roadtrip! Pull together an outfit which you'd rock while tooling down the highway. As always, don't feel tied in by the theme...all fashion posts are welcome.

in two weeks: labor day!

august 31st - labor day

Let's celebrate the "end" of a fabulous summer with some lovely Labor Day posts! On August 31st, share your dreamy weekend look. And remember: all budgets are a go for Friday's Fancies...that's part of the fun ;)

psst: don't forget to use your BLOG NAME when linking up your post on Fridays--it'll help get you all the recognition you deserve for your hard work. Please also use the DIRECT LINK to your post, rather than just the generic link to your blog so that your Friday's Fancies entry will go straight to your posts weeks and months down the line :) And remember: you always have the freedom to create whatever outfit you like--your only requirement is to dream big and not have to worry about the pricetags!

If you've been thinking about having me give your blog some polish, email me!

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