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Should you need me to link up your post on Friday, schedule your post to go up at 12:00AM EST and send me the image of your outfit board via email. I'll take it from there :) If you would like a personalized banner, please email me--I can make one which matches your blog in the shape of a rectangle or a square!

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september 21st - football frenzy

this week: football frenzy!

Hello again! I hope you all had a fantastic Monday! Thank you SO much for being a part of a record-breaking week of Friday's Fancies last week--there were 134 fabulous fall lust lists, which means there was no shortage of inspiration :) The #FridaysFancies family is surely one of the best communities around, so thank you for being a part of such an incredible crew of bloggers!

On to this week! Whether you're a football fan or not, we can all sport our favorite colors on this Friday! Click here to submit your information so I can make you a banner with your team's colors :) Think of this as the tailgating chic week! {Please submit your banner requests no later than Thursday afternoon--we have a family wedding on Friday and I won't be able to do them later that night. And yes, NFL and college teams are welcome!} As always, you are absolutely free to make whatever you'd like, so don't feel tied down by the theme.  {Just FYI: University of Florida is still leading the way!}

Thanks again for everything you do! Please pass along any theme ideas if you have them :) Get your banner requests in as soon as possible and have a fabulous week!
xoxo Alison

next week: outfit crush!

september 28th - outfit crush!

Once a season, it's fun to do an outfit crush post--don't you agree? Join in for this quarterly favorite and re-create an outfit you've seen across the interwebs for Friday, September 28th. {I also don't want to use up the juicy fall themes too soon!} If you have another idea for this week, run with it--remember: you have total control of your inspiration :)

in two weeks: marvelous monotone!

october 5th - marvelous monotone

When I was in Paris this summer, I noticed the Parisian women were on to something: rocking the monotone look. No, I don't mean boring--I mean really putting together an outfit based mostly on one particular hue. For Friday, October 5th, let's see how marvelous monotone can be. All fashion posts are welcome, so if you're not a fan of the monotone look, no sweat!

psst: don't forget to use your BLOG NAME when linking up your post on Fridays--it'll help get you all the recognition you deserve for your hard work. Please also use the DIRECT LINK to your post, rather than just the generic link to your blog so that your Friday's Fancies entry will go straight to your posts weeks and months down the line :) And remember: you always have the freedom to create whatever outfit you like--your only requirement is to dream big and not have to worry about the pricetags!

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