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october 19th - costume prep

this week: costume prep!

A very happy Monday to you! Despite my technical difficulties over the weekend, I'm grateful to have a local Panera to help me get this email to you in timely fashion! I seriously could not get over the gorgeous leaf-inspired ensembles that you crafted last week. I'm so lucky to have such a stylish crew of ladies each and every week :)

With Halloween on the horizon, it's time for you to answer this perpetual question: what costume will I wear this Halloween? I know October 19th isn't Halloween, but I wanted to have this week in advance of the actual holiday weekend so you can find other great ideas! If you don't celebrate Halloween, simply use the black and orange color palette as your guide--or create your own theme.
Have any other questions or ideas?
I'm all ears--enjoy your week!
xoxo Alison

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next week: 100!

october 26th - 100!

Though I can barely believe it, October 26th marks the 100th week of Friday's Fancies! I'd love for you to pull together your party best and celebrate with me :) Should you have another idea for post, it's absolutely fine--I would simply love to have you join the fun for this special week!

in two weeks: sweater season!

november 2nd - sweater season

As we roll into November, it's safe to say it is sweater season. {Ok, those lucky ladies in warm locales may not have this season, but play along if you like!} For Friday, November 2nd, pick a cozy sweater and run with it--or roll with another trick up your sleeve. It's always up to you! Remember: all fashion posts are welcome!
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