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november 9th - bonfire beauties

this week: bonfire beauties!

Happy Monday! If you need some cozy in your life, look no further than your amazing outfits from last week. I feel infinitely more prepared for sweater season, so thank you ;)

Looking ahead to this Friday, I hope you'll join me by concocting your most beautiful bonfire look. One of my favorite fall traditions is spending an evening around the bonfire, eating s'mores and staying cozy. When Emily suggested this theme, I was all in! I only wish we could all get together for a night of blogger fun and stories around a fire. As always, you're welcome to link up any fashion post--as long as it isn't an ad.

Sending thoughts + prayers to anyone affected by Sandy! I hope you all have a quick + painless week. Please let me know if you need anything at all--or if you have any theme suggestions. I'm always open for those. See you on Friday, friends! xoxo Alison

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next week: autumn faves!

november 16th - treat time: autumn faves!

Winter may not begin until December, but it feels like fall with each passing day. Let's serve up our must-have autumn treats before the season passes on Friday, November 16th. Whether its a snack or a drink, you can have lots of fun with this one! {If you need inspiration, check out our favorite summer treats or see these recent guest posts!} Never fear: any post you share about fashion is welcome, so don't feel tied down by the theme!

in two weeks: black friday!

november 23rd - black friday!

Friday, November 23rd marks a shopping "holiday" in the US. Though I'm not sure exactly how I'll "celebrate" this year, I know I will be pulling together a look based mostly on the color black ;) If you'd rather share a Thanksgiving look or something else, you're more than welcome. Fashion posts of all varieties are welcome!
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