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november 23rd - black friday!
this week: black friday!

Greetings from NYC! {cv} and I made a last-minute decision to hop down here and enjoy the city before flying out to Indiana for Thanksgiving. I loved your autumn treats--I'm still hungry just thinking about them! I'm infinitely excited about this week's Friday's Fancies--we're talking MAJOR Black Friday sale goodness. Though I may not be one of the crazies outside at 6am, I am so impressed by the people who do. In honor of this shopping "holiday", I will be pulling together a look based mostly on the color black. If you'd rather share a Thanksgiving look or something else, you're more than welcome. Fashion posts of all varieties are welcome--and remember you don't have to post on Friday! You can share posts from other days in the week because of the holiday :)

Even though I'm traveling, I'm only as far away as an email. Have a very happy Thanksgiving--I'm so grateful for each and every one of you! xoxo Alison

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next week: dress yourself!

november 30th - dress yourself

Have you ever been shopping with a friend when they point out a top which is "totally you"? For Friday, November 30th, you'll have your chance to channel you into an outfit. Dress yourself = express yourself!! I'm teaming up for this fun week of Fancies with long-time Friday's Fancies faithful, Julie of Julie Leah. If you had something else in mind, don't worry--all fashion posts are welcome. Consider Friday's Fancies your one stop for fashion at the end of a long week. 

in two weeks: pretty in plaid!

december 7th - pretty in plaid

I don't know about you, but I love a good plaid. I don't mean the "down on the farm" kind {though I may have a soft spot in my heart for those}, I mean the pretty plaids which are totally holiday appropriate. For December 7th, join me in my plaid madness and craft a look featuring this pretty pattern. Not a plaid fan? No worries! Craft a look you love and link it up!
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