We're sure you'll be shocked to hear that we like to use data at Corona to inform our decisions, so when it came to decide on this quarter's newsletter theme, we naturally turned to our analytics for our newsletter, blog, and Facebook page.

What did we find? Our readers like to learn something. We know, again you're shocked . 

This past quarter we've focused on writing informative blogs with recommendations you can actually apply in your own work. Check out a sampling below, and be sure to check out our Radiance Blog for more. 

We would love to hear what you personally like, too. Sure, we can use analytics to figure that out in part, but sometimes there is nothing like good 'ol one-on-one feedback. You can reach us at

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Visualizing data: Best practices

The goal of any graphic should be to tell a story, but it is easy to allow that story to be sidetracked by poor design.

Read David Kennedy's 'Top 5 best practices for visualizing data' and Matt Herndon's 'Do's and Don'ts of graphing.'

Weight on what matters

The goal of weighting survey data, a common practice at Corona, is to ensure the results reflect the actual population you're studying - not only those who responded to your survey. But how do you select what variables to weight on? 

Read Beth Mulligan's blog on the trade-offs between accuracy and precision when determining variables to weight on.

Navigating time and space

Why should you consider including geography in your data set? Because doing so could help your organization reveal insights about your customers.

Our own mapping expert, Matt Bruce, explains here.

Bridging the gap among visionaries and operational experts

Do you consider yourself a big-picture visionary or a more operational thinker? Working teams often consist of both.

Karla explains how knowing your future strategy can be the key element to moving forward as an organization.
Just For Fun

A Nerd's guide to the 2,229 paintings at MoMA.


9 charts that show  how Americans really spend money.


What does data probability mean in your profession? One artist's take.
-Math with Bad Drawings

Welcome, Gregory!

We were pleased to introduce our newest Associate, Gregory Hornback. A recent transplant from Indiana, Gregory comes to us with a background in consumer science, passion for making sense of data, and his own set of odd hobbies (e.g., mechanical keyboards). He's already fitting right in here at Corona.
Read a Q&A with Gregory on our blog and check out his full bio.
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