Market research and strategy can be daunting without a partner like Corona Insights.  Where do you start?  Can it even be done?  And, of course, how much will it cost?  With so many variables, there are a lot of things that can make it difficult to get the results you need.
At Corona, we often hear about projects going awry before we step in, so we have recently been writing about common pitfalls in research, evaluation, and strategy engagements. Instead of frightening you this Halloween, we’d like to help prevent those “scary” outcomes. Including the scariest of them all - poor results!
Our objective has always been to understand our clients’ goals, break them down to manageable pieces, and then develop a plan balancing your needs, timeline, and budget.  It doesn’t have to be frightening.  Save that for the movies and haunted houses.

Original Content Written by the Corona Insights Staff

Haunted by Old Survey Questions

"As the Corona team bravely entered the haunted project file, they heard a strange sound. They quickly turned to the right to see analyses covered in cobwebs. They shuddered."  Read the full blog post.

Explaining a complex world simply and incorrectly

Can you explain why divorce rates in Maine correlate perfectly with America’s per-capita consumption of margarine? One more tale of why mining data doesn’t mean a whole lot if you don’t know what you’re doing.  Read the full blog post.

The cautionary tale of 5 scary strategic planning mistakes

Karla Raines' five part series on what can go wrong and the pitfalls to avoidRead the first blog post

Millionaires at McDonalds

When Donald Trump walks into a McDonalds, the average patron in that restaurant becomes a millionaire. Is this true? Read the full blog post to find out.
Big Lots does focus groups with animals, because they are people too.
How to turn your data into something less scary, from the people who know a thing or two about data. In short, plan, do, communicate.
-Think with Google
Study finds 79% of statistics now sobering.  Some comedic relief to go with your scary Halloween.
-The Onion
Photo credit: 1920's Era Town
Meet our client: 1920’s Era Town
Jan Presley is a woman on a mission. Her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the energetic decade of the 1920s inspired her dream of transforming a town on the plains of Eastern Colorado into a living history lesson about the remarkable decade.  The endeavor would resurrect a block long district of a small town into its former glory of the roaring 1920s, including an 8-room Bed and Breakfast, two restaurants (one café and one fine dining), a Speakeasy Bar, an ice cream shop, two gift shops, and an Egyptian-themed movie theater. As the vision developed the looming question was: Is it feasible from a business standpoint?

Read the full case study: 1920’s Era Town Market Feasibility Study
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