3 Ways to Welcome in Your Neighborhood

1. Offer to take a new American family trick-or-treating to show them the ropes of this unique tradition

Halima Hussein
"People were knocking on our door and saying ‘trick or treat.' I asked, ‘Why are you knocking on our door and wearing weird outfits?’ They explained that this is a holiday tradition where they knock on our door and ask for candy. We said we didn't have any candy, and then they gave us their candy."
- Halima Hussein, Salt Lake County

2. Share recommendations for local go-to places and services

Public Library
Show them where you go for:
  • The essentials, such as grocery stores, pharmacies, and public transit stations 
  • Trustworthy services, such as plumbers and babysitters
  • Fun, such as the best local restaurants and hangouts

3. Organize a block party or neighborhood get-together

"How to welcome is something we need to help people with. Bringing people together with food creates a platform for international exchange where they are able to interact with one another on an equal footing," said Veena Prasad, Potluck for Peace Co-Organizer.

Take some tips from this Potluck for Peace event, which brought together diverse neighbors over food, music, and conversation.
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