July 2012 Newsletter, Celebrating Aurelia
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Celebrating Aurelia ~ July 12th ~ In Gratitude

To Aurelia's Lemurian Family,
July 12th, was a day for remembering and reminiscing. We are very grateful to Aurelia for the rich legacy of transformational tools she has given us. Her
mission on Earth was to awaken humanity and assist Mother Earth in her ascension. The Telos Books and The Seven Sacred Flames have opened hearts all over the world and are published in 15 languages
. Between 2004  and 2009 Aurelia supported the establishment of Telos Organizations in several countries and more have been created since 2009. These organizations create wonderful opportunities of support for those with a deep desire to have a greater understanding of ascension and how to live from the heart in higher dimensional frequencies. 

It is an honor to continue to distribute Aurelia's books and be in contact with people all over the world whose lives have changed, some dramatically. Many people come to Mount Shasta to find out more about themselves and their draw to the mountain. Mount Shasta is definitely a magical place, truly pristine and Aurelia loved living here.

Thank you to all of you for your support  and for the contributions each of you are making on this planet, whether you know you are or not. It is an exciting time to be alive and thrive, as we continue to build a global community of Heart-One-Heart and find our peace within.
Many Blessings to each of YOU,
The Lemurian Connection Team

We are grateful to the Telos Worldwide Foundation Team in Montreal for sending a channeling of Aurelia by Denise Laberge, which we share with you below. Enjoy!

“I Am Aurelia

I would like to say a few words of light to celebrate my new life, which began July 12, 2009. Time flies, doesn't it?

The subject of this momentous talk is: Your daily life and what you live every day. Isn't this fabulous?

Why did I choose this theme to celebrate my new life in Telos among my brothers and sisters, my soul family?

It's very simple. These days, these minutes you live now are now the most important times of your life, this life that you breathe in every day. You are preparing to accompany Mother Earth in her ascension. You are preparing to ascend with her, with this cosmic goddess who is honored and recognized throughout the cosmos. You cannot even imagine the magnitude of her consciousness. And you, the most courageous Christ seeds are part of this great cosmic universal adventure.

In my last incarnation, my life plan was to create an opening, a space to introduce the life, the consciousness of the fifth dimension to humanity. It took nerves and a degree of unconsciousness to dare present Telos, the City of Light to that sleeping humanity. Yes, I say unconsciousness because I did not know what the books would engender in the worlds of non-love and I must admit that it did cause quite a stir. Yes, it required courage and nerve, which I had the opportunity to develop in the times of all these fallen kings and queens. A part of me saw the great games of the egos being played and a part of me wanted to be blind and forget the whole charade.

Back to the topic: Today, I harvest the fruit of my labor in the world of density. I live the dream life that my heart yearned so much. Why do I speak this way today? It is because you are also preparing yourself for a life of dream. It may be hard to believe in this time when so many unsettling events occur, when so many emotions surface and make your heart rise and sink! You are the captain of this ship that is your life. You are navigating on a stormy sea. I come to tell you: keep your life purpose firmly in your field of vision, never loose sight of it. Change your attitude towards what presents itself to you. See everything that comes your way, inside as well as outside of you, as a gift from the universe although it might be difficult, frustrating and even exhausting. Greet everything with the smile of your heart. Every minute is important. It shows you what you carry inside, the beliefs that pull the strings in your life, the wounds not healed, not accepted and rejected. Take advantage of each day to marvel at the lessons, at the teaching that your divinity presents you. These lessons lead you to your freedom, the true freedom, the one that frees you from the density, from individual and collective karma. Every day, greet the light of freedom and learning in each of your cells. Yes, the light that is poured on the earth now is charged with the consciousness of the 5th dimension, is charged with intelligence and life. Imagine each of your cells harmonizing with this new stream of life flowing toward the humans. Imagine that each cell opens up and welcomes this living light. Imagine that your cells are transformed, illuminated with the real life, the life that participates in the creation, that reconnects to the Whole. You live in a historical era, a fabulous time of divine and sacred transformation that will impact all of creation. What you are living now has never been experienced in any world of density.
So I, Aurelia, the one who shines in Telos now, tell you: you are preparing to shine upon the earth, to shine and to participate in the planetary consciousness that is awakening from a long sleep of pain to create a world of perfection. Let your hearts rejoice! Let courage envelop you and guide you till your ascension and your awakening among your galactic brothers and sisters.

With all my love! I am Aurelia, the one who remembers you and works tirelessly to ensure that the Great Love Plan manifests on this land, blessed and beloved by all creation.

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