Safe Place Ministries provides biblically based training, truth and support to those impacted by abuse. Christ was not afraid to enter into the most challenging brokenness and with that confidence, neither are we.

From the Director

This July feels somewhat normal in Idaho, and we have so many options that the calendar is filling up fast. Now that things are open and people are coming together, we may remember favorably the simplicity of last year’s shut down. We didn’t have the option to overbook our calendars then, and recently I have found myself reminded to seek the Lord for daily decisions.

The reminder came through 2 Chronicles 15-16. Asa, the King of Israel, began to clear the land of idols and restore the altar of the Lord. Under his leadership, the people assembled and entered into a covenant with God.

But even though he began by pursing God, later in life Asa brought some of the gold and silver out of the treasury of the Lord. He gave it to another king to make an alliance, hoping for protection from war. My initial thoughts of his violation was that he mishandled the Lord’s money.

However, as it turns out, the breach was because Asa did not rely on the Lord. He did not first ask God what to do in his situation and the result was a promise of continual war. It says the eyes of the Lord move throughout the earth to show Himself strong to those who are completely His. (2 Chron. 16:9) It wasn’t what Asa had done as much as the fact that he did not seek the Lord first.

Unfortunately, even when Asa found disease later in life, it still didn’t propel him to return to seek the Lord. (Verse 12)

Here at Safe Place we move forward, thankful to have so many options open this summer. Yet without relying on previous obedience, we want to seek the Lord in all.


Sharing Your Story Wisely

Our clients come from varied circumstances. Just because a woman has walked through our doors does not mean her husband is abusive. But people have wrongly assumed that everyone who visits us is currently navigating domestic violence. Some clients have even felt compelled to clarify with their circle, “I’m not going there because of my husband, don’t think badly of him!”

When dealing with different difficulties in life and relationships, it’s wise to acknowledge that some things need to be said in a “safe place.” This might mean not sharing all details of your situation with friends. Friends may feel betrayed when we experience pain and they don’t know, but when we are hurting there is a tendency to forget that once words are spoken they cannot be taken back, even if they are forgiven. In a crisis, you can also forget what you said. This is one reason clients visit us first, because it is possible to say something but not feel the same way about it the next day.

Additionally, people visit us because they want to be careful exposing the person who has hurt them. Let me first clarify that Christ does not hide sin. He uncovers and redeems it, but He does not hide it. What we do want to avoid, though, is humiliating someone so that they cannot return to fellowship with the people we’ve told about the situation.

Many more people can be damaged through the ramifications of someone’s vocal recovery than the primary offense originally caused.

Picture a wayward child who returns to church. Strangers may know their every sin and they never had control of their story. Parents can also share too much with their child’s other siblings. When we vent incorrectly about family with other family members, we create a divide that is hard to come back from.

Alternately, when someone else is hurting, we can help them heal by not probing too deep before they are ready to share their pain.

The way we demonstrate this principle at Safe Place Ministries is in our lack of a standard intake form. It isn’t our procedure to have clients write their most guarded hurts, prior abuse, marriages, or medications. Summing up a person through probing can often be an impediment to healing. We want to see who the person is, and not merely their history.

When you decide to share, remember the goal is to do it in a way that makes room for repentance. If not relationally, then spiritually—they return to God.

This is the way God sees us, not as who we were but as the redeemed child he is making us into.

“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you will help them become what they are capable of becoming.” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Hope's Streams CDs

Hope’s Stream Music, a worship band in the UK, found us through mutual friends. They identified with our message and wanted to honor us with a gift of CDs. We’d like to share our gift with the first 10 people who reply to this email. Sorry, we cannot ship them but will hold all CDs at the office for pickup. Be sure to check out their amazing music and stories. You can hear them directly from their website or through the following links:


A Few Ways to Support Us this Month

  • Pray for us.
  • Talk about us. The connection of community is still the best way to find support and nothing compares to sincere word of mouth. Please share about Safe Place Ministries with leaders, neighbors or over coffee with a friend. 
  • Take a class or host a class with your group.

Amazon Smile

We are always looking for ways to assist and bless clients and their families. Some ways you can help is by providing gift cards for haircuts, fuel, oil changes or a quick dinner such as Subway or Pizza. You would be amazed what a blessing it is for clients to be able to treat their kids to a quick dinner and time at the park while they are experiencing times of crisis!
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