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Lets Talk Keel Maintenance

Our Custom Keel Sales and Design Representative, William Souter, has written a comprehensive white paper about keel maintenance and repair. William has over 30 years of marine experience in the sailboat industry and design relating to keel manufacturing specializing in structural CAD systems.

Paper Sample

What is the last thing you look at as the boat is being lifted out of the cradle and into the water? It is the same thing that you looked at as the boat was being set into the cradle six months earlier, the keel, and that is about as much thought that we usually give it. After all for most people these are the only times that we can actually see it, I hope, without swimming.

I would like to both confess to a similar condition in my youth and tell that with a little understanding you can gain the same level of knowledge about the keel as you have for other parts of the boat such as the sails and rigging. You may not be able to do the work; I do not wish to make everyone a keel maker or a boat builder, just to offer them insight, so that you will have a better understanding of what you see know when things look right and wrong......

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Just Shipped

This keel system was a continuing project for the magnificent Southern Wind Shipyard 102 yacht line, working closely with Farr Yacht Design. The keel was comprised of a 5,100 lb. fabricated fin section attached to a 41,171 lb. cast lead bulb by means of a vertical bolting system, utilizing custom manufactured High Strength Duplex 2205 Stainless Steel fasteners.
The SW 82 N2 was a customized version of the new Southern Wind Shipyard 82 yacht line. This yacht has been designed with the focus on speed to deliver thrilling challenges on the regatta circuit and to transition into fun family vacations during its down time. The keel that was just shipped is a fabricated keel fin and a cast bulb to maintain smooth treading through the water at any speed.

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Pacific Seacraft 61
This was a custom keel for the yacht Catari, weighing approx. 15,700 lbs. for Pacific Seacraft, designed 
by Robert Perry. “The result,is a truly handsome 61-foot ketch that is long and lean and appears to be itching for blue water. Catari has a traditional flair with a springy sheer, ketch rig, counter stern and raked transom. Under the water, Catari has a modern cruising fin keel with the ballast positioned quite low to enhance stability.”- Blue Water Sailing

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Wooden Boatworks 8m
Two 8 meter keels were just shipped for Wooden Boatworks, a renowned custom and restoration wooden yacht builder in Greenport NY. The estimated weight was 11,300 lbs. per keel. These yachts are based on the 1930 William Fife design. William was known to build yachts that unsurpassed in their quality and his designs continue to inspire others and live on through Wooden Boatworks projects.

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Rockport Marine 50 
This Rockport Marine yacht is a 50' LOA, with a displacement of 28,000#, cast lead fin keel of 11,300 lbs. This yacht is designed for the day sailor/ weekender and built for performance and ease of operation. This yacht was designed by Fontaine Design Group.

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We manufacture lifting and canting keels for yachts ranging from 22m to 55m plus?

We offer  complete product development and management of the lifting keel system. We have brought together the finest team of specialists to generate a world leading keel system and to allow us to respond to the needs of the super yacht and high performance yachting industries. This team includes people throughout the supply chain, from material suppliers (i.e. Steel suppliers), to hydraulic and bearing suppliers, to our engineering and design team (MarsKeel Design Group), to the people on the shop floor manufacturing the system. 

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