KC Streetcar Main Street Extension
Technical Assistance Program
Public Meeting

Friday, September 16, 10:00 am - 11:00 am
Plexpod Westport Commons, 300 E. 39th Street, KCMO

This Technical Assistance Program (TAP) will explore key current issues surrounding the streetcar extension and redevelopment. As development occurs, how do we best leverage the streetcar investment with transit-oriented, walkable development? How do we do so while minimizing the need for additional public funds in the form of development incentives?

The panel will study the area within a quarter mile of 39th and Main Street, where a key streetcar stop will operate. They will examine shared district parking as a solution to parking requirements for single developments that often result in the need for incentives. This TAP will be a case study of a shared parking model at 39th & Westport, including financing and operations, that can be replicated along the extension line at higher density stops. The panel will also look at four of the other higher density stops to determine infrastructure needs to connect with the surrounding area: 31st Street, Armour Boulevard, 43rd Street, and the Plaza.

The presentation of the panel’s findings and recommendations
on 9/16 is open to the public

More info
here. Registration is NOT required to attend.