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Dear Praying Friend,

We have exciting news to share this update! By God's grace we have reached 100% and we're headed to the field fully supported!

This also means that we will not be returning after three months to continue deputation—this is the beginning of our first term! We're amazed to think back
 across 2 years of what the Lord has done. This 80-second video encapsulates how God provided for us.

Now we are completing our final preparations to leave in only 13 days. Reducing our things to 14 boxes is an exciting process but we've made good progress thanks to some wonderful help from friends and family.

When we arrive, I'll be teaching four classes—2 Corinthians in Greek, Hebrew Lexicon, Bible Exposition, and Church History. In December and January I'll teach two week-long block classes to pastors in rural or restricted access nations (Preaching from the Old Testament and using Greek in ministry). We couldn't be more excited about what the Lord has set before us!
I just completed a month-long study of the book of Ruth. In chapter 1, Naomi's heart is breaking because she is a destitute widow. By the end of the book, she is rejoicing at God's provision. But Naomi herself never realized all that God intended to do through her. Her grandson was an ancestor to King David and ultimately to the Messiah Himself!

We have seen God provide in exceedingly abundant ways and we're rejoicing. God's grace to us causes us to look ahead with renewed faith at the One Who has abundantly answered your prayers for us.
Thank you so much for your support and prayers.

Joel, Sarah,
Jeremy & Zachary Arnold
Special thanks to Ethan from Wilson, NC who designed our header this month. We had a total of 44 entries for our coloring contest. In the coming months we look forward to sharing many more excellent entries. (By the way, you can send pictures at any time—we're happy to feature them!)
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