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Dear Praying Friend,
In so many ways, this update is an attempt to "catch up" on the many things happening. We are sorry for falling behind on keeping you updated; we want to keep you informed as you serve with us on the front lines!
One of God's many gifts to us in the last three years has been the chance to serve in different settings and different ways. For almost one year, He allowed me to lead and pastor Gilarmi Fundamental Baptist Church. The believers there became our friends, a special focus in prayer and very dear to our hearts. We saw God do exciting things during this time including several youth outreaches, a VBS that our members organized and served in, two baptisms, and spiritual growth of our young families.
In June we transitioned in our ministry focus, handing the pastorate over to Pastor Rafael Batang. He was saved as a child through the ministry of the church. He grew up there and eventually graduated from BJMBC. It was with great joy that we celebrated not only the 30th anniversary of the church but also Pastor Raf taking over as their full-time pastor, the answer to a prayer request of many years.
As you would expect, I felt mixed emotions as we walked away our last Sunday. While I miss the church, I'm absolutely confident that God provided Pastor Raf as the right leader for Gilarmi. The time serving there only strengthened our burden to prepare gifted men here to serve their people, more capably than we ever can. Please pray that God would give Pastor Raf wisdom and grace as he leads them there.
Another blessing was the youth missions conference we were able to organize in the summer. God blessed with over 300 young people in attendance. Thank you so much for your prayers.

We thank God for ways He is giving to train others, both in and beyond the Philippines. I have greatly enjoying my teaching this semester—Bible Doctrines on Salvation, Greek 3, Daniel and Revelation, and Systematic Theology 2. We have had an exciting itinerary of special conferences and classes as well:
  • July—two-day conference on Daniel at a sister church an hour away.
  • August—a block class for 20 pastors in Baguio (5 hours away) on New Testament Theology.
  • September—a one week class on the book of Revelation in Singapore.
  • Next month—one week ministering to a Filipino church in the Middle East.
Our goal is to serve as a family whenever we can. Often that means that Sarah is primarily caring for the kids. They are our goodwill bearers, and their smiles are hard to resist! Before we moved to Palawan, we finished the textbook portion of available Tagalog classes. Sarah resumed studies a few months ago, working to finish the final section and she is nearly done with the entire program. She will be speaking in each of the places we visit, as well as several other ladies' meetings in the Philippines (in Tagalog). 
Reading recently through the gospel of Luke, I have been reminded that faith arises from all kinds of places and all kinds of people. That is the only explanation for my own salvation and the only reason we have the privilege of ministering here—because God is calling a people to Himself from across the world. What God is doing in saving people is the grandest thing happening on planet earth. Thank you for your support and your prayers. 
Joel, Sarah,
Jeremy, Zachary,
and Caroline Arnold

Specific upcoming dates:

October 8—Sarah teaching at a Ladies' Retreat
October 12-19—Preaching and teaching in the Middle East
November 8—Start of 2nd Semester at BJMBC
December 3-4—Speaking for a weekend family conference in Bicol
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